Table of Contents

Exchange Codes with UTP/CTA/OPRA information

NxID Name Nanex Short Name UTP Code UTP Name CTA Code CTA Name OPRA Code OPRA Name
0 Nanex Comp COMP
1 Nasdaq Exchange NQEX Q NASDAQ OMX T NASDAQ OMX Stock Exchange Q NASDAQ Stock Market
2 Nasdaq Alternative Display Facility NQAD
3 New York Stock Exchange NYSE N New York Stock Exchange
4 American Stock Exchange AMEX A NYSE MKT A NYSE MKT Stock Market A NYSE AMEX
5 Chicago Board Options Exchange CBOE W Chicago Board Options Exchange W Chicago Board Options Exchange C Chicago Board Options Exchange
6 International Securities Exchange ISEX I International Securities Exchange I International Securities Exchange I International Securities Exchange
7 NYSE ARCA (Pacific) PACF P NYSE Arca Exchange P NYSE Arca SM N NYSE ARCA
8 National Stock Exchange (Cincinnati) CINC C National Stock Exchange C National Stock Exchange
9 Philadelphia Stock Exchange PHIL X NASDAQ OMX PHLX X NASDAQ OMX PSX Stock Exchange X NASDAQ OMX PHLX
10 Options Pricing Reporting Authority OPRA O Options Pricing Reporting Authority
11 Boston Stock/Options Exchange BOST B Boston Options Exchange
12 Nasdaq Global+Select Market (NMS) NQNM
13 Nasdaq Capital Market (SmallCap) NQSC
14 Nasdaq Bulletin Board NQBB
15 Nasdaq OTC NQPK
16 Nasdaq Aggregate Quote NQAG
17 Chicago Stock Exchange CHIC M Chicago Stock Exchange M Chicago Stock Exchange
18 Toronto Stock Exchange TSE
19 Canadian Venture Exchange CDNX
20 Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME
21 New York Board of Trade NYBT
22 ISE Mercury MRCY J ISE MERCURY Exchange
23 COMEX (division of NYMEX) COMX
24 Chicago Board of Trade CBOT
25 New York Mercantile Exchange NYMX
26 Kansas City Board of Trade KCBT
27 Minneapolis Grain Exchange MGEX
28 Winnipeg Commodity Exchange WCE
29 OneChicago Exchange ONEC
30 Dow Jones Indicies DOWJ
32 Singapore International Monetary Exchange SIMX
33 London Stock Exchange FTSE
34 Eurex EURX
35 EuroNext ENXT N NYSE Euronext
36 Data Transmission Network DTN
37 London Metals Exchange Matched Trades LMT
38 London Metals Exchange LME
39 Intercontinental Exchange (IPE) IPEX
40 Montreal Stock Exchange MX
41 Winnipeg Stock Exchange WSE
42 CBOE C2 Option Exchange C2 W C2
43 Miami Exchange MIAX M Miami International Securities Exchange
44 NYMEX Clearport CLRP
45 Barclays BARK
46 TenFore TEN4
48 HotSpot Eurex US HOTS
49 Eurex US EUUS
50 Eurex EU EUEU
51 Euronext Commodities ENCM
52 Euronext Index Derivatives ENID
53 Euronext Interest Rates ENIR
54 CBOE Futures Exchange CFE
55 Philadelphia Board of Trade PBOT
56 Hannover WTB Exchange HWTB
57 FINRA/NASDAQ Trade Reporting Facility NQNX D FINRA ADF D Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
58 BSE Trade Reporting Facility BTRF
59 NYSE Trade Reporting Facility NTRF
60 BATS Trading BATS Z BATS Exchange Inc Z Bats BZX Exchange, Inc
61 NYSE LIFFE metals contracts NYLF
62 Pink Sheets PINK
63 BATS Trading BATY Y BATS Y-Exchange, Inc Y Bats BYX Exchange, Inc Z BATS
64 Direct Edge EDGE J EDGA Exchange, Inc J Bats EDGA Exchange, Inc.
65 Direct Edge EDGX K EDGX Exchange, Inc K Bats EDGX Exchange, Inc. E EDGX Options
66 Russell Indexes RUSL
67 CME Indexes CMEX
68 Investors Exchange IEX V Investors' Exchange LLC V The Investor's Exchange
69 Miami Pearl Options Exchange PERL
70 London Stock Exchange LSE