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#define Value Comments
Clear 0
BuySide 1
SellSide 2
ClearClosing 3
BuySideClosing 4
SellSideClosing 5
FastMarket 6

You may use code from a helper header file

You may use the code below in your own program

// example
switch (ixMap)
   case nxST_ORDERIMBALANCETYPE::Clear:           break;
   case nxST_ORDERIMBALANCETYPE::BuySide:         break;
   case nxST_ORDERIMBALANCETYPE::SellSide:        break;
   case nxST_ORDERIMBALANCETYPE::ClearClosing:    break;
   case nxST_ORDERIMBALANCETYPE::BuySideClosing:  break;
   case nxST_ORDERIMBALANCETYPE::SellSideClosing: break;
   case nxST_ORDERIMBALANCETYPE::FastMarket:      break;