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ExchangeTypeSymbolNameActivityLast QuoteLast Trade
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1070C May'21 1070 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1070P May'21 1070 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1080C May'21 1080 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1080P May'21 1080 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1090C May'21 1090 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1090P May'21 1090 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1100C May'21 1100 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1100P May'21 1100 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1110C May'21 1110 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1110P May'21 1110 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1120C May'21 1120 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1120P May'21 1120 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1130C May'21 1130 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1130P May'21 1130 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1140C May'21 1140 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1140P May'21 1140 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1150C May'21 1150 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1150P May'21 1150 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1160C May'21 1160 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1160P May'21 1160 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1170C May'21 1170 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1170P May'21 1170 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1180C May'21 1180 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1180P May'21 1180 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1190C May'21 1190 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1190P May'21 1190 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1200C May'21 1200 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1200P May'21 1200 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1210C May'21 1210 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1210P May'21 1210 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1220C May'21 1220 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1220P May'21 1220 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1230C May'21 1230 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1230P May'21 1230 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1240C May'21 1240 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1240P May'21 1240 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1250C May'21 1250 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1250P May'21 1250 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1260C May'21 1260 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1260P May'21 1260 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1270C May'21 1270 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1270P May'21 1270 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1280C May'21 1280 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1280P May'21 1280 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1290C May'21 1290 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1290P May'21 1290 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1300C May'21 1300 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1300P May'21 1300 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1310C May'21 1310 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1310P May'21 1310 P
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1320C May'21 1320 C
NYMX p 0PO.K21.1320P May'21 1320 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1100C Jun'21 1100 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1100P Jun'21 1100 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1110C Jun'21 1110 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1110P Jun'21 1110 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1120C Jun'21 1120 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1120P Jun'21 1120 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1130C Jun'21 1130 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1130P Jun'21 1130 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1140C Jun'21 1140 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1140P Jun'21 1140 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1150C Jun'21 1150 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1150P Jun'21 1150 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1160C Jun'21 1160 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1160P Jun'21 1160 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1170C Jun'21 1170 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1170P Jun'21 1170 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1180C Jun'21 1180 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1180P Jun'21 1180 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1190C Jun'21 1190 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1190P Jun'21 1190 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1200C Jun'21 1200 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1200P Jun'21 1200 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1210C Jun'21 1210 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1210P Jun'21 1210 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1220C Jun'21 1220 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1220P Jun'21 1220 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1230C Jun'21 1230 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1230P Jun'21 1230 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1240C Jun'21 1240 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1240P Jun'21 1240 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1250C Jun'21 1250 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1250P Jun'21 1250 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1260C Jun'21 1260 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1260P Jun'21 1260 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1270C Jun'21 1270 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1270P Jun'21 1270 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1280C Jun'21 1280 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1280P Jun'21 1280 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1290C Jun'21 1290 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1290P Jun'21 1290 P
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1300C Jun'21 1300 C
NYMX p 0PO.M21.1300P Jun'21 1300 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.1000C Jun'21 1000 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.1000P Jun'21 1000 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.1250C Jun'21 1250 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.1250P Jun'21 1250 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.1500C Jun'21 1500 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.1500P Jun'21 1500 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.1750C Jun'21 1750 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.1750P Jun'21 1750 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.2000C Jun'21 2000 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.2000P Jun'21 2000 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.2250C Jun'21 2250 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.2250P Jun'21 2250 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.2500C Jun'21 2500 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.2500P Jun'21 2500 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.250C Jun'21 250 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.250P Jun'21 250 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.2750C Jun'21 2750 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.2750P Jun'21 2750 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.3000C Jun'21 3000 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.3000P Jun'21 3000 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.3250C Jun'21 3250 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.3250P Jun'21 3250 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.3500C Jun'21 3500 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.3500P Jun'21 3500 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.3750C Jun'21 3750 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.3750P Jun'21 3750 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.4000C Jun'21 4000 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.4000P Jun'21 4000 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.4250C Jun'21 4250 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.4250P Jun'21 4250 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.4500C Jun'21 4500 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.4500P Jun'21 4500 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.4750C Jun'21 4750 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.4750P Jun'21 4750 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.5000C Jun'21 5000 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.5000P Jun'21 5000 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.500C Jun'21 500 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.500P Jun'21 500 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.5250C Jun'21 5250 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.5250P Jun'21 5250 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.5500C Jun'21 5500 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.5500P Jun'21 5500 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.5750C Jun'21 5750 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.5750P Jun'21 5750 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.6000C Jun'21 6000 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.6000P Jun'21 6000 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.6250C Jun'21 6250 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.6250P Jun'21 6250 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.6500C Jun'21 6500 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.6500P Jun'21 6500 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.6750C Jun'21 6750 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.6750P Jun'21 6750 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.7000C Jun'21 7000 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.7000P Jun'21 7000 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.7250C Jun'21 7250 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.7250P Jun'21 7250 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.7500C Jun'21 7500 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.7500P Jun'21 7500 P
NYMX p 0SX.M21.750C Jun'21 750 C
NYMX p 0SX.M21.750P Jun'21 750 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.1000C Jul'21 1000 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.1000P Jul'21 1000 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.1250C Jul'21 1250 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.1250P Jul'21 1250 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.1500C Jul'21 1500 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.1500P Jul'21 1500 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.1750C Jul'21 1750 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.1750P Jul'21 1750 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.2000C Jul'21 2000 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.2000P Jul'21 2000 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.2250C Jul'21 2250 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.2250P Jul'21 2250 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.2500C Jul'21 2500 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.2500P Jul'21 2500 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.250C Jul'21 250 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.250P Jul'21 250 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.2750C Jul'21 2750 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.2750P Jul'21 2750 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.3000C Jul'21 3000 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.3000P Jul'21 3000 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.3250C Jul'21 3250 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.3250P Jul'21 3250 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.3500C Jul'21 3500 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.3500P Jul'21 3500 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.3750C Jul'21 3750 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.3750P Jul'21 3750 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.4000C Jul'21 4000 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.4000P Jul'21 4000 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.4250C Jul'21 4250 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.4250P Jul'21 4250 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.4500C Jul'21 4500 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.4500P Jul'21 4500 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.4750C Jul'21 4750 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.4750P Jul'21 4750 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.5000C Jul'21 5000 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.5000P Jul'21 5000 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.500C Jul'21 500 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.500P Jul'21 500 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.5250C Jul'21 5250 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.5250P Jul'21 5250 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.5500C Jul'21 5500 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.5500P Jul'21 5500 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.5750C Jul'21 5750 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.5750P Jul'21 5750 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.6000C Jul'21 6000 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.6000P Jul'21 6000 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.6250C Jul'21 6250 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.6250P Jul'21 6250 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.6500C Jul'21 6500 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.6500P Jul'21 6500 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.6750C Jul'21 6750 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.6750P Jul'21 6750 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.7000C Jul'21 7000 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.7000P Jul'21 7000 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.7250C Jul'21 7250 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.7250P Jul'21 7250 P
NYMX p 0SX.N21.750C Jul'21 750 C
NYMX p 0SX.N21.750P Jul'21 750 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.1000C Aug'21 1000 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.1000P Aug'21 1000 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.1250C Aug'21 1250 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.1250P Aug'21 1250 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.1500C Aug'21 1500 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.1500P Aug'21 1500 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.1750C Aug'21 1750 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.1750P Aug'21 1750 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.2000C Aug'21 2000 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.2000P Aug'21 2000 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.2250C Aug'21 2250 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.2250P Aug'21 2250 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.2500C Aug'21 2500 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.2500P Aug'21 2500 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.2750C Aug'21 2750 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.2750P Aug'21 2750 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.3000C Aug'21 3000 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.3000P Aug'21 3000 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.3250C Aug'21 3250 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.3250P Aug'21 3250 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.3500C Aug'21 3500 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.3500P Aug'21 3500 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.3750C Aug'21 3750 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.3750P Aug'21 3750 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.4000C Aug'21 4000 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.4000P Aug'21 4000 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.4250C Aug'21 4250 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.4250P Aug'21 4250 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.4500C Aug'21 4500 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.4500P Aug'21 4500 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.4750C Aug'21 4750 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.4750P Aug'21 4750 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.5000C Aug'21 5000 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.5000P Aug'21 5000 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.500C Aug'21 500 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.500P Aug'21 500 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.5250C Aug'21 5250 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.5250P Aug'21 5250 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.5500C Aug'21 5500 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.5500P Aug'21 5500 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.5750C Aug'21 5750 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.5750P Aug'21 5750 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.6000C Aug'21 6000 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.6000P Aug'21 6000 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.6250C Aug'21 6250 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.6250P Aug'21 6250 P 2021-02-14
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.6500C Aug'21 6500 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.6500P Aug'21 6500 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.6750C Aug'21 6750 C 2021-02-21
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.6750P Aug'21 6750 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.7000C Aug'21 7000 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.7000P Aug'21 7000 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.7250C Aug'21 7250 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.7250P Aug'21 7250 P
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.750C Aug'21 750 C
NYMX p 0SX.Q21.750P Aug'21 750 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.1000C Sep'21 1000 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.1000P Sep'21 1000 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.1250C Sep'21 1250 C 2021-02-28
NYMX p 0SX.U21.1250P Sep'21 1250 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.1500C Sep'21 1500 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.1500P Sep'21 1500 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.1750C Sep'21 1750 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.1750P Sep'21 1750 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.2000C Sep'21 2000 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.2000P Sep'21 2000 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.2250C Sep'21 2250 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.2250P Sep'21 2250 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.2500C Sep'21 2500 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.2500P Sep'21 2500 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.2750C Sep'21 2750 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.2750P Sep'21 2750 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.3000C Sep'21 3000 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.3000P Sep'21 3000 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.3250C Sep'21 3250 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.3250P Sep'21 3250 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.3500C Sep'21 3500 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.3500P Sep'21 3500 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.3750C Sep'21 3750 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.3750P Sep'21 3750 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.4000C Sep'21 4000 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.4000P Sep'21 4000 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.4250C Sep'21 4250 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.4250P Sep'21 4250 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.4500C Sep'21 4500 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.4500P Sep'21 4500 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.4750C Sep'21 4750 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.4750P Sep'21 4750 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.5000C Sep'21 5000 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.5000P Sep'21 5000 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.5250C Sep'21 5250 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.5250P Sep'21 5250 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.5500C Sep'21 5500 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.5500P Sep'21 5500 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.5750C Sep'21 5750 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.5750P Sep'21 5750 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.6000C Sep'21 6000 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.6000P Sep'21 6000 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.6250C Sep'21 6250 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.6250P Sep'21 6250 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.6500C Sep'21 6500 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.6500P Sep'21 6500 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.6750C Sep'21 6750 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.6750P Sep'21 6750 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.7000C Sep'21 7000 C 2021-03-28
NYMX p 0SX.U21.7000P Sep'21 7000 P
NYMX p 0SX.U21.7250C Sep'21 7250 C
NYMX p 0SX.U21.7250P Sep'21 7250 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.1000C Oct'21 1000 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.1000P Oct'21 1000 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.1250C Oct'21 1250 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.1250P Oct'21 1250 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.1500C Oct'21 1500 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.1500P Oct'21 1500 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.1750C Oct'21 1750 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.1750P Oct'21 1750 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.2000C Oct'21 2000 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.2000P Oct'21 2000 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.2250C Oct'21 2250 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.2250P Oct'21 2250 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.2500C Oct'21 2500 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.2500P Oct'21 2500 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.2750C Oct'21 2750 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.2750P Oct'21 2750 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.3000C Oct'21 3000 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.3000P Oct'21 3000 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.3250C Oct'21 3250 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.3250P Oct'21 3250 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.3500C Oct'21 3500 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.3500P Oct'21 3500 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.3750C Oct'21 3750 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.3750P Oct'21 3750 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.4000C Oct'21 4000 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.4000P Oct'21 4000 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.4250C Oct'21 4250 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.4250P Oct'21 4250 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.4500C Oct'21 4500 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.4500P Oct'21 4500 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.4750C Oct'21 4750 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.4750P Oct'21 4750 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.5000C Oct'21 5000 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.5000P Oct'21 5000 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.5250C Oct'21 5250 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.5250P Oct'21 5250 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.5500C Oct'21 5500 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.5500P Oct'21 5500 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.5750C Oct'21 5750 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.5750P Oct'21 5750 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.6000C Oct'21 6000 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.6000P Oct'21 6000 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.6250C Oct'21 6250 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.6250P Oct'21 6250 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.6500C Oct'21 6500 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.6500P Oct'21 6500 P
NYMX p 0SX.V21.6750C Oct'21 6750 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.6750P Oct'21 6750 P 2021-04-16
NYMX p 0SX.V21.7000C Oct'21 7000 C
NYMX p 0SX.V21.7000P Oct'21 7000 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6000C Apr'21 6000 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6000P Apr'21 6000 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6050C Apr'21 6050 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6050P Apr'21 6050 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6100C Apr'21 6100 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6100P Apr'21 6100 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6150C Apr'21 6150 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6150P Apr'21 6150 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6200C Apr'21 6200 C 2021-03-22
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6200P Apr'21 6200 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6250C Apr'21 6250 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6250P Apr'21 6250 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6300C Apr'21 6300 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6300P Apr'21 6300 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6350C Apr'21 6350 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6350P Apr'21 6350 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6400C Apr'21 6400 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6400P Apr'21 6400 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6450C Apr'21 6450 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6450P Apr'21 6450 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6500C Apr'21 6500 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6500P Apr'21 6500 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6550C Apr'21 6550 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6550P Apr'21 6550 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6600C Apr'21 6600 C 2021-02-28
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6600P Apr'21 6600 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6650C Apr'21 6650 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6650P Apr'21 6650 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6700C Apr'21 6700 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6700P Apr'21 6700 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6750C Apr'21 6750 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6750P Apr'21 6750 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6800C Apr'21 6800 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6800P Apr'21 6800 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6850C Apr'21 6850 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6850P Apr'21 6850 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6900C Apr'21 6900 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6900P Apr'21 6900 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6950C Apr'21 6950 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.6950P Apr'21 6950 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7000C Apr'21 7000 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7000P Apr'21 7000 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7050C Apr'21 7050 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7050P Apr'21 7050 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7100C Apr'21 7100 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7100P Apr'21 7100 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7150C Apr'21 7150 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7150P Apr'21 7150 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7200C Apr'21 7200 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7200P Apr'21 7200 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7250C Apr'21 7250 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7250P Apr'21 7250 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7300C Apr'21 7300 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7300P Apr'21 7300 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7350C Apr'21 7350 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7350P Apr'21 7350 P
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7400C Apr'21 7400 C
NYMX p 0TO.J21.7400P Apr'21 7400 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6450C May'21 6450 C 2021-04-11
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6450P May'21 6450 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6500C May'21 6500 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6500P May'21 6500 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6550C May'21 6550 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6550P May'21 6550 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6600C May'21 6600 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6600P May'21 6600 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6650C May'21 6650 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6650P May'21 6650 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6700C May'21 6700 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6700P May'21 6700 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6750C May'21 6750 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6750P May'21 6750 P 2021-04-04
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6800C May'21 6800 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6800P May'21 6800 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6850C May'21 6850 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6850P May'21 6850 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6900C May'21 6900 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6900P May'21 6900 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6950C May'21 6950 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.6950P May'21 6950 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7000C May'21 7000 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7000P May'21 7000 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7050C May'21 7050 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7050P May'21 7050 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7100C May'21 7100 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7100P May'21 7100 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7150C May'21 7150 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7150P May'21 7150 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7200C May'21 7200 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7200P May'21 7200 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7250C May'21 7250 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7250P May'21 7250 P 2021-03-28
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7300C May'21 7300 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7300P May'21 7300 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7350C May'21 7350 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7350P May'21 7350 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7400C May'21 7400 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7400P May'21 7400 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7450C May'21 7450 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7450P May'21 7450 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7500C May'21 7500 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7500P May'21 7500 P
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7550C May'21 7550 C
NYMX p 0TO.K21.7550P May'21 7550 P
NYMX p 6OA.F22.2800C Jan'22 2800 C
NYMX p 6OA.F22.2800P Jan'22 2800 P
NYMX p 6OA.F22.2900C Jan'22 2900 C
NYMX p 6OA.F22.2900P Jan'22 2900 P
NYMX p 6OA.F22.3000C Jan'22 3000 C
NYMX p 6OA.F22.3000P Jan'22 3000 P
NYMX p 6OA.F22.3050C Jan'22 3050 C
NYMX p 6OA.F22.3050P Jan'22 3050 P
NYMX p 6OA.F22.3100C Jan'22 3100 C
NYMX p 6OA.F22.3100P Jan'22 3100 P
NYMX p 6OA.F22.3200C Jan'22 3200 C
NYMX p 6OA.F22.3200P Jan'22 3200 P
NYMX p 6OA.F22.3500C Jan'22 3500 C
NYMX p 6OA.F22.3500P Jan'22 3500 P
NYMX p 6OA.F23.2700C Jan'23 2700 C
NYMX p 6OA.F23.2700P Jan'23 2700 P
NYMX p 6OA.F23.3100C Jan'23 3100 C
NYMX p 6OA.F23.3100P Jan'23 3100 P
NYMX p 6Y.N21.4350C Jul'21 4350 C
NYMX p 6Y.N21.4350P Jul'21 4350 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.0C Jan'22 0 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.0P Jan'22 0 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.100-C Jan'22 100 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.100-P Jan'22 100 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1000-C Jan'22 1000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1000-P Jan'22 1000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1000C Jan'22 1000 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1000P Jan'22 1000 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.100C Jan'22 100 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.100P Jan'22 100 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1050-C Jan'22 1050 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1050-P Jan'22 1050 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1050C Jan'22 1050 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1050P Jan'22 1050 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1100-C Jan'22 1100 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1100-P Jan'22 1100 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1100C Jan'22 1100 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1100P Jan'22 1100 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1150-C Jan'22 1150 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1150-P Jan'22 1150 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1150C Jan'22 1150 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1150P Jan'22 1150 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1200-C Jan'22 1200 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1200-P Jan'22 1200 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1200C Jan'22 1200 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1200P Jan'22 1200 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1250-C Jan'22 1250 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1250-P Jan'22 1250 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1250C Jan'22 1250 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1250P Jan'22 1250 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1300-C Jan'22 1300 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1300-P Jan'22 1300 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1300C Jan'22 1300 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1300P Jan'22 1300 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1350-C Jan'22 1350 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1350-P Jan'22 1350 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1350C Jan'22 1350 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1350P Jan'22 1350 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1400C Jan'22 1400 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1400P Jan'22 1400 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1450C Jan'22 1450 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1450P Jan'22 1450 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.150-C Jan'22 150 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.150-P Jan'22 150 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1500-C Jan'22 1500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1500-P Jan'22 1500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1500C Jan'22 1500 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1500P Jan'22 1500 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.150C Jan'22 150 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.150P Jan'22 150 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1750-C Jan'22 1750 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1750-P Jan'22 1750 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.1750C Jan'22 1750 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.1750P Jan'22 1750 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.200-C Jan'22 200 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.200-P Jan'22 200 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.2000-C Jan'22 2000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.2000-P Jan'22 2000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.2000C Jan'22 2000 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.2000P Jan'22 2000 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.200C Jan'22 200 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.200P Jan'22 200 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.2250-C Jan'22 2250 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.2250-P Jan'22 2250 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.2250C Jan'22 2250 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.2250P Jan'22 2250 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.250-C Jan'22 250 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.250-P Jan'22 250 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.2500-C Jan'22 2500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.2500-P Jan'22 2500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.2500C Jan'22 2500 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.2500P Jan'22 2500 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.250C Jan'22 250 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.250P Jan'22 250 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.2750-C Jan'22 2750 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.2750-P Jan'22 2750 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.2750C Jan'22 2750 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.2750P Jan'22 2750 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.300-C Jan'22 300 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.300-P Jan'22 300 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.3000-C Jan'22 3000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.3000-P Jan'22 3000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.3000C Jan'22 3000 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.3000P Jan'22 3000 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.300C Jan'22 300 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.300P Jan'22 300 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.3250-C Jan'22 3250 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.3250-P Jan'22 3250 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.3250C Jan'22 3250 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.3250P Jan'22 3250 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.350-C Jan'22 350 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.350-P Jan'22 350 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.3500-C Jan'22 3500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.3500-P Jan'22 3500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.3500C Jan'22 3500 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.3500P Jan'22 3500 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.350C Jan'22 350 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.350P Jan'22 350 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.3750-C Jan'22 3750 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.3750-P Jan'22 3750 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.3750C Jan'22 3750 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.3750P Jan'22 3750 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.400-C Jan'22 400 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.400-P Jan'22 400 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.4000-C Jan'22 4000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.4000-P Jan'22 4000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.4000C Jan'22 4000 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.4000P Jan'22 4000 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.400C Jan'22 400 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.400P Jan'22 400 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.450-C Jan'22 450 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.450-P Jan'22 450 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.4500-C Jan'22 4500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.4500-P Jan'22 4500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.4500C Jan'22 4500 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.4500P Jan'22 4500 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.450C Jan'22 450 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.450P Jan'22 450 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.50-C Jan'22 50 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.50-P Jan'22 50 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.500-C Jan'22 500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.500-P Jan'22 500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.5000-C Jan'22 5000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.5000-P Jan'22 5000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.5000C Jan'22 5000 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.5000P Jan'22 5000 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.500C Jan'22 500 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.500P Jan'22 500 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.50C Jan'22 50 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.50P Jan'22 50 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.550-C Jan'22 550 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.550-P Jan'22 550 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.5500-C Jan'22 5500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.5500-P Jan'22 5500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.5500C Jan'22 5500 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.5500P Jan'22 5500 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.550C Jan'22 550 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.550P Jan'22 550 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.600-C Jan'22 600 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.600-P Jan'22 600 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.6000C Jan'22 6000 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.6000P Jan'22 6000 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.600C Jan'22 600 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.600P Jan'22 600 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.650-C Jan'22 650 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.650-P Jan'22 650 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.650C Jan'22 650 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.650P Jan'22 650 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.700-C Jan'22 700 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.700-P Jan'22 700 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.700C Jan'22 700 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.700P Jan'22 700 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.750-C Jan'22 750 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.750-P Jan'22 750 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.750C Jan'22 750 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.750P Jan'22 750 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.800-C Jan'22 800 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.800-P Jan'22 800 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.800C Jan'22 800 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.800P Jan'22 800 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.850-C Jan'22 850 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.850-P Jan'22 850 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.850C Jan'22 850 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.850P Jan'22 850 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.900-C Jan'22 900 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.900-P Jan'22 900 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.900C Jan'22 900 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.900P Jan'22 900 P
NYMX p 9C.F22.950-C Jan'22 950 -C
NYMX p 9C.F22.950-P Jan'22 950 -P
NYMX p 9C.F22.950C Jan'22 950 C
NYMX p 9C.F22.950P Jan'22 950 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.0C Jan'23 0 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.0P Jan'23 0 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.100-C Jan'23 100 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.100-P Jan'23 100 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1000-C Jan'23 1000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1000-P Jan'23 1000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1000C Jan'23 1000 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1000P Jan'23 1000 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.100C Jan'23 100 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.100P Jan'23 100 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1050-C Jan'23 1050 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1050-P Jan'23 1050 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1050C Jan'23 1050 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1050P Jan'23 1050 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1100-C Jan'23 1100 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1100-P Jan'23 1100 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1100C Jan'23 1100 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1100P Jan'23 1100 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1150-C Jan'23 1150 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1150-P Jan'23 1150 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1150C Jan'23 1150 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1150P Jan'23 1150 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1200-C Jan'23 1200 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1200-P Jan'23 1200 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1200C Jan'23 1200 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1200P Jan'23 1200 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1250-C Jan'23 1250 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1250-P Jan'23 1250 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1250C Jan'23 1250 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1250P Jan'23 1250 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1300-C Jan'23 1300 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1300-P Jan'23 1300 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.150-C Jan'23 150 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.150-P Jan'23 150 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1500-C Jan'23 1500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1500-P Jan'23 1500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1500C Jan'23 1500 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1500P Jan'23 1500 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.150C Jan'23 150 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.150P Jan'23 150 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1750-C Jan'23 1750 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1750-P Jan'23 1750 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.1750C Jan'23 1750 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.1750P Jan'23 1750 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.200-C Jan'23 200 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.200-P Jan'23 200 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.2000-C Jan'23 2000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.2000-P Jan'23 2000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.2000C Jan'23 2000 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.2000P Jan'23 2000 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.200C Jan'23 200 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.200P Jan'23 200 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.2250-C Jan'23 2250 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.2250-P Jan'23 2250 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.2250C Jan'23 2250 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.2250P Jan'23 2250 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.250-C Jan'23 250 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.250-P Jan'23 250 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.2500-C Jan'23 2500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.2500-P Jan'23 2500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.2500C Jan'23 2500 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.2500P Jan'23 2500 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.250C Jan'23 250 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.250P Jan'23 250 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.2750-C Jan'23 2750 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.2750-P Jan'23 2750 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.2750C Jan'23 2750 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.2750P Jan'23 2750 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.300-C Jan'23 300 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.300-P Jan'23 300 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.3000-C Jan'23 3000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.3000-P Jan'23 3000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.3000C Jan'23 3000 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.3000P Jan'23 3000 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.300C Jan'23 300 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.300P Jan'23 300 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.3250-C Jan'23 3250 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.3250-P Jan'23 3250 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.3250C Jan'23 3250 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.3250P Jan'23 3250 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.350-C Jan'23 350 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.350-P Jan'23 350 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.3500-C Jan'23 3500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.3500-P Jan'23 3500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.3500C Jan'23 3500 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.3500P Jan'23 3500 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.350C Jan'23 350 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.350P Jan'23 350 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.3750-C Jan'23 3750 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.3750-P Jan'23 3750 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.3750C Jan'23 3750 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.3750P Jan'23 3750 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.400-C Jan'23 400 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.400-P Jan'23 400 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.4000-C Jan'23 4000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.4000-P Jan'23 4000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.4000C Jan'23 4000 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.4000P Jan'23 4000 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.400C Jan'23 400 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.400P Jan'23 400 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.450-C Jan'23 450 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.450-P Jan'23 450 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.4500-C Jan'23 4500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.4500-P Jan'23 4500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.4500C Jan'23 4500 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.4500P Jan'23 4500 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.450C Jan'23 450 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.450P Jan'23 450 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.50-C Jan'23 50 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.50-P Jan'23 50 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.500-C Jan'23 500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.500-P Jan'23 500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.5000-C Jan'23 5000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.5000-P Jan'23 5000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.5000C Jan'23 5000 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.5000P Jan'23 5000 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.500C Jan'23 500 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.500P Jan'23 500 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.50C Jan'23 50 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.50P Jan'23 50 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.550-C Jan'23 550 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.550-P Jan'23 550 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.5500-C Jan'23 5500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.5500-P Jan'23 5500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.5500C Jan'23 5500 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.5500P Jan'23 5500 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.550C Jan'23 550 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.550P Jan'23 550 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.600-C Jan'23 600 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.600-P Jan'23 600 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.600C Jan'23 600 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.600P Jan'23 600 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.650-C Jan'23 650 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.650-P Jan'23 650 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.650C Jan'23 650 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.650P Jan'23 650 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.700-C Jan'23 700 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.700-P Jan'23 700 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.700C Jan'23 700 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.700P Jan'23 700 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.750-C Jan'23 750 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.750-P Jan'23 750 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.750C Jan'23 750 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.750P Jan'23 750 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.800-C Jan'23 800 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.800-P Jan'23 800 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.800C Jan'23 800 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.800P Jan'23 800 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.850-C Jan'23 850 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.850-P Jan'23 850 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.850C Jan'23 850 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.850P Jan'23 850 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.900-C Jan'23 900 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.900-P Jan'23 900 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.900C Jan'23 900 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.900P Jan'23 900 P
NYMX p 9C.F23.950-C Jan'23 950 -C
NYMX p 9C.F23.950-P Jan'23 950 -P
NYMX p 9C.F23.950C Jan'23 950 C
NYMX p 9C.F23.950P Jan'23 950 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.0C Jan'24 0 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.0P Jan'24 0 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.100-C Jan'24 100 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.100-P Jan'24 100 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.1000-C Jan'24 1000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.1000-P Jan'24 1000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.1000C Jan'24 1000 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.1000P Jan'24 1000 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.100C Jan'24 100 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.100P Jan'24 100 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.1050-C Jan'24 1050 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.1050-P Jan'24 1050 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.1050C Jan'24 1050 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.1050P Jan'24 1050 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.1100C Jan'24 1100 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.1100P Jan'24 1100 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.1150C Jan'24 1150 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.1150P Jan'24 1150 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.1250-C Jan'24 1250 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.1250-P Jan'24 1250 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.1250C Jan'24 1250 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.1250P Jan'24 1250 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.150-C Jan'24 150 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.150-P Jan'24 150 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.1500-C Jan'24 1500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.1500-P Jan'24 1500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.1500C Jan'24 1500 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.1500P Jan'24 1500 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.150C Jan'24 150 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.150P Jan'24 150 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.1750-C Jan'24 1750 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.1750-P Jan'24 1750 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.1750C Jan'24 1750 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.1750P Jan'24 1750 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.200-C Jan'24 200 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.200-P Jan'24 200 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.2000-C Jan'24 2000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.2000-P Jan'24 2000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.2000C Jan'24 2000 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.2000P Jan'24 2000 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.200C Jan'24 200 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.200P Jan'24 200 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.2250-C Jan'24 2250 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.2250-P Jan'24 2250 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.2250C Jan'24 2250 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.2250P Jan'24 2250 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.250-C Jan'24 250 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.250-P Jan'24 250 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.2500-C Jan'24 2500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.2500-P Jan'24 2500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.2500C Jan'24 2500 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.2500P Jan'24 2500 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.250C Jan'24 250 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.250P Jan'24 250 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.2750-C Jan'24 2750 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.2750-P Jan'24 2750 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.2750C Jan'24 2750 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.2750P Jan'24 2750 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.300-C Jan'24 300 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.300-P Jan'24 300 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.3000-C Jan'24 3000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.3000-P Jan'24 3000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.3000C Jan'24 3000 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.3000P Jan'24 3000 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.300C Jan'24 300 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.300P Jan'24 300 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.3250-C Jan'24 3250 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.3250-P Jan'24 3250 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.3250C Jan'24 3250 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.3250P Jan'24 3250 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.350-C Jan'24 350 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.350-P Jan'24 350 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.3500-C Jan'24 3500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.3500-P Jan'24 3500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.3500C Jan'24 3500 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.3500P Jan'24 3500 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.350C Jan'24 350 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.350P Jan'24 350 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.400-C Jan'24 400 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.400-P Jan'24 400 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.4000-C Jan'24 4000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.4000-P Jan'24 4000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.4000C Jan'24 4000 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.4000P Jan'24 4000 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.400C Jan'24 400 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.400P Jan'24 400 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.450-C Jan'24 450 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.450-P Jan'24 450 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.4500-C Jan'24 4500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.4500-P Jan'24 4500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.4500C Jan'24 4500 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.4500P Jan'24 4500 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.450C Jan'24 450 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.450P Jan'24 450 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.50-C Jan'24 50 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.50-P Jan'24 50 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.500-C Jan'24 500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.500-P Jan'24 500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.5000-C Jan'24 5000 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.5000-P Jan'24 5000 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.5000C Jan'24 5000 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.5000P Jan'24 5000 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.500C Jan'24 500 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.500P Jan'24 500 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.50C Jan'24 50 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.50P Jan'24 50 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.550-C Jan'24 550 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.550-P Jan'24 550 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.5500-C Jan'24 5500 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.5500-P Jan'24 5500 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.5500C Jan'24 5500 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.5500P Jan'24 5500 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.550C Jan'24 550 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.550P Jan'24 550 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.600-C Jan'24 600 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.600-P Jan'24 600 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.600C Jan'24 600 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.600P Jan'24 600 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.650-C Jan'24 650 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.650-P Jan'24 650 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.650C Jan'24 650 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.650P Jan'24 650 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.700-C Jan'24 700 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.700-P Jan'24 700 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.700C Jan'24 700 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.700P Jan'24 700 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.750-C Jan'24 750 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.750-P Jan'24 750 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.750C Jan'24 750 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.750P Jan'24 750 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.800-C Jan'24 800 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.800-P Jan'24 800 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.800C Jan'24 800 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.800P Jan'24 800 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.850-C Jan'24 850 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.850-P Jan'24 850 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.850C Jan'24 850 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.850P Jan'24 850 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.900-C Jan'24 900 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.900-P Jan'24 900 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.900C Jan'24 900 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.900P Jan'24 900 P
NYMX p 9C.F24.950-C Jan'24 950 -C
NYMX p 9C.F24.950-P Jan'24 950 -P
NYMX p 9C.F24.950C Jan'24 950 C
NYMX p 9C.F24.950P Jan'24 950 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.0C Feb'22 0 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.0P Feb'22 0 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.100-C Feb'22 100 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.100-P Feb'22 100 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1000-C Feb'22 1000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1000-P Feb'22 1000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1000C Feb'22 1000 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1000P Feb'22 1000 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.100C Feb'22 100 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.100P Feb'22 100 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1050-C Feb'22 1050 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1050-P Feb'22 1050 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1050C Feb'22 1050 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1050P Feb'22 1050 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1100-C Feb'22 1100 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1100-P Feb'22 1100 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1100C Feb'22 1100 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1100P Feb'22 1100 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1150-C Feb'22 1150 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1150-P Feb'22 1150 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1150C Feb'22 1150 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1150P Feb'22 1150 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1200-C Feb'22 1200 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1200-P Feb'22 1200 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1200C Feb'22 1200 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1200P Feb'22 1200 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1250-C Feb'22 1250 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1250-P Feb'22 1250 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1250C Feb'22 1250 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1250P Feb'22 1250 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1300-C Feb'22 1300 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1300-P Feb'22 1300 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1300C Feb'22 1300 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1300P Feb'22 1300 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1350-C Feb'22 1350 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1350-P Feb'22 1350 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1350C Feb'22 1350 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1350P Feb'22 1350 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1400-C Feb'22 1400 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1400-P Feb'22 1400 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1400C Feb'22 1400 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1400P Feb'22 1400 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1450C Feb'22 1450 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1450P Feb'22 1450 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.150-C Feb'22 150 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.150-P Feb'22 150 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1500-C Feb'22 1500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1500-P Feb'22 1500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1500C Feb'22 1500 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1500P Feb'22 1500 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.150C Feb'22 150 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.150P Feb'22 150 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1750-C Feb'22 1750 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1750-P Feb'22 1750 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.1750C Feb'22 1750 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.1750P Feb'22 1750 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.200-C Feb'22 200 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.200-P Feb'22 200 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.2000-C Feb'22 2000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.2000-P Feb'22 2000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.2000C Feb'22 2000 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.2000P Feb'22 2000 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.200C Feb'22 200 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.200P Feb'22 200 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.2250-C Feb'22 2250 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.2250-P Feb'22 2250 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.2250C Feb'22 2250 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.2250P Feb'22 2250 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.250-C Feb'22 250 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.250-P Feb'22 250 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.2500-C Feb'22 2500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.2500-P Feb'22 2500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.2500C Feb'22 2500 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.2500P Feb'22 2500 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.250C Feb'22 250 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.250P Feb'22 250 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.2750-C Feb'22 2750 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.2750-P Feb'22 2750 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.2750C Feb'22 2750 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.2750P Feb'22 2750 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.300-C Feb'22 300 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.300-P Feb'22 300 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.3000-C Feb'22 3000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.3000-P Feb'22 3000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.3000C Feb'22 3000 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.3000P Feb'22 3000 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.300C Feb'22 300 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.300P Feb'22 300 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.3250-C Feb'22 3250 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.3250-P Feb'22 3250 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.3250C Feb'22 3250 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.3250P Feb'22 3250 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.350-C Feb'22 350 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.350-P Feb'22 350 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.3500-C Feb'22 3500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.3500-P Feb'22 3500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.3500C Feb'22 3500 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.3500P Feb'22 3500 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.350C Feb'22 350 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.350P Feb'22 350 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.3750-C Feb'22 3750 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.3750-P Feb'22 3750 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.3750C Feb'22 3750 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.3750P Feb'22 3750 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.400-C Feb'22 400 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.400-P Feb'22 400 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.4000-C Feb'22 4000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.4000-P Feb'22 4000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.4000C Feb'22 4000 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.4000P Feb'22 4000 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.400C Feb'22 400 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.400P Feb'22 400 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.450-C Feb'22 450 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.450-P Feb'22 450 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.4500-C Feb'22 4500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.4500-P Feb'22 4500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.4500C Feb'22 4500 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.4500P Feb'22 4500 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.450C Feb'22 450 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.450P Feb'22 450 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.50-C Feb'22 50 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.50-P Feb'22 50 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.500-C Feb'22 500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.500-P Feb'22 500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.5000-C Feb'22 5000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.5000-P Feb'22 5000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.5000C Feb'22 5000 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.5000P Feb'22 5000 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.500C Feb'22 500 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.500P Feb'22 500 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.50C Feb'22 50 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.50P Feb'22 50 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.550-C Feb'22 550 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.550-P Feb'22 550 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.5500-C Feb'22 5500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.5500-P Feb'22 5500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.5500C Feb'22 5500 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.5500P Feb'22 5500 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.550C Feb'22 550 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.550P Feb'22 550 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.600-C Feb'22 600 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.600-P Feb'22 600 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.600C Feb'22 600 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.600P Feb'22 600 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.650-C Feb'22 650 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.650-P Feb'22 650 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.650C Feb'22 650 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.650P Feb'22 650 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.700-C Feb'22 700 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.700-P Feb'22 700 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.700C Feb'22 700 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.700P Feb'22 700 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.750-C Feb'22 750 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.750-P Feb'22 750 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.750C Feb'22 750 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.750P Feb'22 750 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.800-C Feb'22 800 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.800-P Feb'22 800 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.800C Feb'22 800 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.800P Feb'22 800 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.850-C Feb'22 850 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.850-P Feb'22 850 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.850C Feb'22 850 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.850P Feb'22 850 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.900-C Feb'22 900 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.900-P Feb'22 900 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.900C Feb'22 900 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.900P Feb'22 900 P
NYMX p 9C.G22.950-C Feb'22 950 -C
NYMX p 9C.G22.950-P Feb'22 950 -P
NYMX p 9C.G22.950C Feb'22 950 C
NYMX p 9C.G22.950P Feb'22 950 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.0C Feb'23 0 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.0P Feb'23 0 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.100-C Feb'23 100 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.100-P Feb'23 100 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1000-C Feb'23 1000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1000-P Feb'23 1000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1000C Feb'23 1000 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1000P Feb'23 1000 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.100C Feb'23 100 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.100P Feb'23 100 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1050-C Feb'23 1050 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1050-P Feb'23 1050 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1050C Feb'23 1050 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1050P Feb'23 1050 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1100-C Feb'23 1100 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1100-P Feb'23 1100 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1100C Feb'23 1100 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1100P Feb'23 1100 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1150-C Feb'23 1150 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1150-P Feb'23 1150 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1150C Feb'23 1150 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1150P Feb'23 1150 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1200-C Feb'23 1200 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1200-P Feb'23 1200 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1200C Feb'23 1200 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1200P Feb'23 1200 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1250-C Feb'23 1250 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1250-P Feb'23 1250 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1250C Feb'23 1250 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1250P Feb'23 1250 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1300-C Feb'23 1300 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1300-P Feb'23 1300 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.150-C Feb'23 150 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.150-P Feb'23 150 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1500-C Feb'23 1500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1500-P Feb'23 1500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1500C Feb'23 1500 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1500P Feb'23 1500 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.150C Feb'23 150 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.150P Feb'23 150 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1750-C Feb'23 1750 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1750-P Feb'23 1750 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.1750C Feb'23 1750 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.1750P Feb'23 1750 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.200-C Feb'23 200 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.200-P Feb'23 200 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.2000-C Feb'23 2000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.2000-P Feb'23 2000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.2000C Feb'23 2000 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.2000P Feb'23 2000 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.200C Feb'23 200 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.200P Feb'23 200 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.2250-C Feb'23 2250 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.2250-P Feb'23 2250 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.2250C Feb'23 2250 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.2250P Feb'23 2250 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.250-C Feb'23 250 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.250-P Feb'23 250 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.2500-C Feb'23 2500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.2500-P Feb'23 2500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.2500C Feb'23 2500 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.2500P Feb'23 2500 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.250C Feb'23 250 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.250P Feb'23 250 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.2750-C Feb'23 2750 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.2750-P Feb'23 2750 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.2750C Feb'23 2750 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.2750P Feb'23 2750 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.300-C Feb'23 300 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.300-P Feb'23 300 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.3000-C Feb'23 3000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.3000-P Feb'23 3000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.3000C Feb'23 3000 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.3000P Feb'23 3000 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.300C Feb'23 300 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.300P Feb'23 300 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.3250-C Feb'23 3250 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.3250-P Feb'23 3250 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.3250C Feb'23 3250 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.3250P Feb'23 3250 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.350-C Feb'23 350 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.350-P Feb'23 350 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.3500-C Feb'23 3500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.3500-P Feb'23 3500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.3500C Feb'23 3500 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.3500P Feb'23 3500 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.350C Feb'23 350 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.350P Feb'23 350 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.3750-C Feb'23 3750 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.3750-P Feb'23 3750 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.400-C Feb'23 400 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.400-P Feb'23 400 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.4000-C Feb'23 4000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.4000-P Feb'23 4000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.4000C Feb'23 4000 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.4000P Feb'23 4000 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.400C Feb'23 400 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.400P Feb'23 400 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.450-C Feb'23 450 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.450-P Feb'23 450 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.4500-C Feb'23 4500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.4500-P Feb'23 4500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.4500C Feb'23 4500 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.4500P Feb'23 4500 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.450C Feb'23 450 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.450P Feb'23 450 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.50-C Feb'23 50 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.50-P Feb'23 50 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.500-C Feb'23 500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.500-P Feb'23 500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.5000-C Feb'23 5000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.5000-P Feb'23 5000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.5000C Feb'23 5000 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.5000P Feb'23 5000 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.500C Feb'23 500 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.500P Feb'23 500 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.50C Feb'23 50 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.50P Feb'23 50 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.550-C Feb'23 550 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.550-P Feb'23 550 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.5500-C Feb'23 5500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.5500-P Feb'23 5500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.5500C Feb'23 5500 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.5500P Feb'23 5500 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.550C Feb'23 550 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.550P Feb'23 550 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.600-C Feb'23 600 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.600-P Feb'23 600 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.600C Feb'23 600 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.600P Feb'23 600 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.650-C Feb'23 650 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.650-P Feb'23 650 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.650C Feb'23 650 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.650P Feb'23 650 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.700-C Feb'23 700 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.700-P Feb'23 700 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.700C Feb'23 700 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.700P Feb'23 700 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.750-C Feb'23 750 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.750-P Feb'23 750 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.750C Feb'23 750 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.750P Feb'23 750 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.800-C Feb'23 800 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.800-P Feb'23 800 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.800C Feb'23 800 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.800P Feb'23 800 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.850-C Feb'23 850 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.850-P Feb'23 850 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.850C Feb'23 850 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.850P Feb'23 850 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.900-C Feb'23 900 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.900-P Feb'23 900 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.900C Feb'23 900 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.900P Feb'23 900 P
NYMX p 9C.G23.950-C Feb'23 950 -C
NYMX p 9C.G23.950-P Feb'23 950 -P
NYMX p 9C.G23.950C Feb'23 950 C
NYMX p 9C.G23.950P Feb'23 950 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.0C Feb'24 0 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.0P Feb'24 0 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.100-C Feb'24 100 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.100-P Feb'24 100 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.1000-C Feb'24 1000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.1000-P Feb'24 1000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.1000C Feb'24 1000 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.1000P Feb'24 1000 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.100C Feb'24 100 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.100P Feb'24 100 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.1050C Feb'24 1050 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.1050P Feb'24 1050 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.1100C Feb'24 1100 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.1100P Feb'24 1100 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.1150C Feb'24 1150 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.1150P Feb'24 1150 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.1250-C Feb'24 1250 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.1250-P Feb'24 1250 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.1250C Feb'24 1250 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.1250P Feb'24 1250 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.150-C Feb'24 150 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.150-P Feb'24 150 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.1500-C Feb'24 1500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.1500-P Feb'24 1500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.1500C Feb'24 1500 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.1500P Feb'24 1500 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.150C Feb'24 150 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.150P Feb'24 150 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.1750-C Feb'24 1750 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.1750-P Feb'24 1750 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.1750C Feb'24 1750 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.1750P Feb'24 1750 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.200-C Feb'24 200 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.200-P Feb'24 200 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.2000-C Feb'24 2000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.2000-P Feb'24 2000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.2000C Feb'24 2000 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.2000P Feb'24 2000 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.200C Feb'24 200 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.200P Feb'24 200 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.2250-C Feb'24 2250 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.2250-P Feb'24 2250 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.2250C Feb'24 2250 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.2250P Feb'24 2250 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.250-C Feb'24 250 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.250-P Feb'24 250 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.2500-C Feb'24 2500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.2500-P Feb'24 2500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.2500C Feb'24 2500 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.2500P Feb'24 2500 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.250C Feb'24 250 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.250P Feb'24 250 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.2750-C Feb'24 2750 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.2750-P Feb'24 2750 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.2750C Feb'24 2750 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.2750P Feb'24 2750 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.300-C Feb'24 300 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.300-P Feb'24 300 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.3000-C Feb'24 3000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.3000-P Feb'24 3000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.3000C Feb'24 3000 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.3000P Feb'24 3000 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.300C Feb'24 300 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.300P Feb'24 300 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.3250-C Feb'24 3250 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.3250-P Feb'24 3250 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.3250C Feb'24 3250 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.3250P Feb'24 3250 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.350-C Feb'24 350 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.350-P Feb'24 350 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.3500-C Feb'24 3500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.3500-P Feb'24 3500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.3500C Feb'24 3500 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.3500P Feb'24 3500 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.350C Feb'24 350 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.350P Feb'24 350 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.400-C Feb'24 400 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.400-P Feb'24 400 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.4000-C Feb'24 4000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.4000-P Feb'24 4000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.4000C Feb'24 4000 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.4000P Feb'24 4000 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.400C Feb'24 400 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.400P Feb'24 400 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.450-C Feb'24 450 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.450-P Feb'24 450 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.4500-C Feb'24 4500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.4500-P Feb'24 4500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.4500C Feb'24 4500 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.4500P Feb'24 4500 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.450C Feb'24 450 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.450P Feb'24 450 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.50-C Feb'24 50 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.50-P Feb'24 50 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.500-C Feb'24 500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.500-P Feb'24 500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.5000-C Feb'24 5000 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.5000-P Feb'24 5000 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.5000C Feb'24 5000 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.5000P Feb'24 5000 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.500C Feb'24 500 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.500P Feb'24 500 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.50C Feb'24 50 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.50P Feb'24 50 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.550-C Feb'24 550 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.550-P Feb'24 550 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.5500-C Feb'24 5500 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.5500-P Feb'24 5500 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.5500C Feb'24 5500 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.5500P Feb'24 5500 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.550C Feb'24 550 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.550P Feb'24 550 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.600-C Feb'24 600 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.600-P Feb'24 600 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.600C Feb'24 600 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.600P Feb'24 600 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.650-C Feb'24 650 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.650-P Feb'24 650 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.650C Feb'24 650 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.650P Feb'24 650 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.700-C Feb'24 700 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.700-P Feb'24 700 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.700C Feb'24 700 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.700P Feb'24 700 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.750-C Feb'24 750 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.750-P Feb'24 750 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.750C Feb'24 750 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.750P Feb'24 750 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.800-C Feb'24 800 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.800-P Feb'24 800 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.800C Feb'24 800 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.800P Feb'24 800 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.850-C Feb'24 850 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.850-P Feb'24 850 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.850C Feb'24 850 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.850P Feb'24 850 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.900-C Feb'24 900 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.900-P Feb'24 900 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.900C Feb'24 900 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.900P Feb'24 900 P
NYMX p 9C.G24.950-C Feb'24 950 -C
NYMX p 9C.G24.950-P Feb'24 950 -P
NYMX p 9C.G24.950C Feb'24 950 C
NYMX p 9C.G24.950P Feb'24 950 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.0C Mar'22 0 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.0P Mar'22 0 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.100-C Mar'22 100 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.100-P Mar'22 100 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1000-C Mar'22 1000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1000-P Mar'22 1000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1000C Mar'22 1000 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1000P Mar'22 1000 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.100C Mar'22 100 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.100P Mar'22 100 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1050-C Mar'22 1050 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1050-P Mar'22 1050 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1050C Mar'22 1050 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1050P Mar'22 1050 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1100-C Mar'22 1100 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1100-P Mar'22 1100 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1100C Mar'22 1100 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1100P Mar'22 1100 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1150-C Mar'22 1150 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1150-P Mar'22 1150 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1150C Mar'22 1150 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1150P Mar'22 1150 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1200-C Mar'22 1200 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1200-P Mar'22 1200 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1200C Mar'22 1200 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1200P Mar'22 1200 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1250-C Mar'22 1250 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1250-P Mar'22 1250 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1250C Mar'22 1250 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1250P Mar'22 1250 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1300-C Mar'22 1300 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1300-P Mar'22 1300 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1300C Mar'22 1300 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1300P Mar'22 1300 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1350-C Mar'22 1350 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1350-P Mar'22 1350 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1350C Mar'22 1350 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1350P Mar'22 1350 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1400-C Mar'22 1400 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1400-P Mar'22 1400 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1400C Mar'22 1400 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1400P Mar'22 1400 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.150-C Mar'22 150 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.150-P Mar'22 150 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1500-C Mar'22 1500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1500-P Mar'22 1500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1500C Mar'22 1500 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1500P Mar'22 1500 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.150C Mar'22 150 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.150P Mar'22 150 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1750-C Mar'22 1750 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1750-P Mar'22 1750 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.1750C Mar'22 1750 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.1750P Mar'22 1750 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.200-C Mar'22 200 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.200-P Mar'22 200 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.2000-C Mar'22 2000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.2000-P Mar'22 2000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.2000C Mar'22 2000 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.2000P Mar'22 2000 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.200C Mar'22 200 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.200P Mar'22 200 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.2250-C Mar'22 2250 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.2250-P Mar'22 2250 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.2250C Mar'22 2250 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.2250P Mar'22 2250 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.250-C Mar'22 250 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.250-P Mar'22 250 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.2500-C Mar'22 2500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.2500-P Mar'22 2500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.2500C Mar'22 2500 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.2500P Mar'22 2500 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.250C Mar'22 250 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.250P Mar'22 250 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.2750-C Mar'22 2750 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.2750-P Mar'22 2750 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.2750C Mar'22 2750 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.2750P Mar'22 2750 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.300-C Mar'22 300 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.300-P Mar'22 300 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.3000-C Mar'22 3000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.3000-P Mar'22 3000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.3000C Mar'22 3000 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.3000P Mar'22 3000 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.300C Mar'22 300 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.300P Mar'22 300 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.3250-C Mar'22 3250 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.3250-P Mar'22 3250 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.3250C Mar'22 3250 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.3250P Mar'22 3250 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.350-C Mar'22 350 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.350-P Mar'22 350 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.3500-C Mar'22 3500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.3500-P Mar'22 3500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.3500C Mar'22 3500 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.3500P Mar'22 3500 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.350C Mar'22 350 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.350P Mar'22 350 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.3750-C Mar'22 3750 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.3750-P Mar'22 3750 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.3750C Mar'22 3750 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.3750P Mar'22 3750 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.400-C Mar'22 400 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.400-P Mar'22 400 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.4000-C Mar'22 4000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.4000-P Mar'22 4000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.4000C Mar'22 4000 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.4000P Mar'22 4000 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.400C Mar'22 400 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.400P Mar'22 400 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.450-C Mar'22 450 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.450-P Mar'22 450 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.4500-C Mar'22 4500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.4500-P Mar'22 4500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.4500C Mar'22 4500 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.4500P Mar'22 4500 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.450C Mar'22 450 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.450P Mar'22 450 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.50-C Mar'22 50 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.50-P Mar'22 50 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.500-C Mar'22 500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.500-P Mar'22 500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.5000-C Mar'22 5000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.5000-P Mar'22 5000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.5000C Mar'22 5000 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.5000P Mar'22 5000 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.500C Mar'22 500 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.500P Mar'22 500 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.50C Mar'22 50 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.50P Mar'22 50 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.550-C Mar'22 550 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.550-P Mar'22 550 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.5500-C Mar'22 5500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.5500-P Mar'22 5500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.5500C Mar'22 5500 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.5500P Mar'22 5500 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.550C Mar'22 550 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.550P Mar'22 550 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.600-C Mar'22 600 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.600-P Mar'22 600 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.600C Mar'22 600 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.600P Mar'22 600 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.650-C Mar'22 650 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.650-P Mar'22 650 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.650C Mar'22 650 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.650P Mar'22 650 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.700-C Mar'22 700 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.700-P Mar'22 700 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.700C Mar'22 700 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.700P Mar'22 700 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.750-C Mar'22 750 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.750-P Mar'22 750 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.750C Mar'22 750 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.750P Mar'22 750 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.800-C Mar'22 800 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.800-P Mar'22 800 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.800C Mar'22 800 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.800P Mar'22 800 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.850-C Mar'22 850 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.850-P Mar'22 850 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.850C Mar'22 850 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.850P Mar'22 850 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.900-C Mar'22 900 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.900-P Mar'22 900 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.900C Mar'22 900 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.900P Mar'22 900 P
NYMX p 9C.H22.950-C Mar'22 950 -C
NYMX p 9C.H22.950-P Mar'22 950 -P
NYMX p 9C.H22.950C Mar'22 950 C
NYMX p 9C.H22.950P Mar'22 950 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.0C Mar'23 0 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.0P Mar'23 0 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.100-C Mar'23 100 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.100-P Mar'23 100 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1000-C Mar'23 1000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1000-P Mar'23 1000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1000C Mar'23 1000 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1000P Mar'23 1000 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.100C Mar'23 100 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.100P Mar'23 100 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1050-C Mar'23 1050 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1050-P Mar'23 1050 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1050C Mar'23 1050 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1050P Mar'23 1050 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1100-C Mar'23 1100 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1100-P Mar'23 1100 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1100C Mar'23 1100 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1100P Mar'23 1100 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1150-C Mar'23 1150 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1150-P Mar'23 1150 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1150C Mar'23 1150 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1150P Mar'23 1150 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1200-C Mar'23 1200 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1200-P Mar'23 1200 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1200C Mar'23 1200 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1200P Mar'23 1200 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1250-C Mar'23 1250 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1250-P Mar'23 1250 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1250C Mar'23 1250 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1250P Mar'23 1250 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1300-C Mar'23 1300 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1300-P Mar'23 1300 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1350-C Mar'23 1350 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1350-P Mar'23 1350 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1400-C Mar'23 1400 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1400-P Mar'23 1400 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.150-C Mar'23 150 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.150-P Mar'23 150 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1500-C Mar'23 1500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1500-P Mar'23 1500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1500C Mar'23 1500 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1500P Mar'23 1500 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.150C Mar'23 150 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.150P Mar'23 150 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1750-C Mar'23 1750 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1750-P Mar'23 1750 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.1750C Mar'23 1750 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.1750P Mar'23 1750 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.200-C Mar'23 200 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.200-P Mar'23 200 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.2000-C Mar'23 2000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.2000-P Mar'23 2000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.2000C Mar'23 2000 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.2000P Mar'23 2000 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.200C Mar'23 200 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.200P Mar'23 200 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.2250-C Mar'23 2250 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.2250-P Mar'23 2250 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.2250C Mar'23 2250 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.2250P Mar'23 2250 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.250-C Mar'23 250 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.250-P Mar'23 250 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.2500-C Mar'23 2500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.2500-P Mar'23 2500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.2500C Mar'23 2500 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.2500P Mar'23 2500 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.250C Mar'23 250 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.250P Mar'23 250 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.2750-C Mar'23 2750 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.2750-P Mar'23 2750 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.2750C Mar'23 2750 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.2750P Mar'23 2750 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.300-C Mar'23 300 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.300-P Mar'23 300 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.3000-C Mar'23 3000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.3000-P Mar'23 3000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.3000C Mar'23 3000 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.3000P Mar'23 3000 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.300C Mar'23 300 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.300P Mar'23 300 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.3250-C Mar'23 3250 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.3250-P Mar'23 3250 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.3250C Mar'23 3250 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.3250P Mar'23 3250 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.350-C Mar'23 350 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.350-P Mar'23 350 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.3500-C Mar'23 3500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.3500-P Mar'23 3500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.3500C Mar'23 3500 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.3500P Mar'23 3500 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.350C Mar'23 350 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.350P Mar'23 350 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.3750-C Mar'23 3750 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.3750-P Mar'23 3750 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.400-C Mar'23 400 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.400-P Mar'23 400 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.4000-C Mar'23 4000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.4000-P Mar'23 4000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.4000C Mar'23 4000 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.4000P Mar'23 4000 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.400C Mar'23 400 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.400P Mar'23 400 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.450-C Mar'23 450 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.450-P Mar'23 450 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.4500-C Mar'23 4500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.4500-P Mar'23 4500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.4500C Mar'23 4500 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.4500P Mar'23 4500 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.450C Mar'23 450 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.450P Mar'23 450 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.50-C Mar'23 50 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.50-P Mar'23 50 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.500-C Mar'23 500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.500-P Mar'23 500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.5000-C Mar'23 5000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.5000-P Mar'23 5000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.5000C Mar'23 5000 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.5000P Mar'23 5000 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.500C Mar'23 500 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.500P Mar'23 500 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.50C Mar'23 50 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.50P Mar'23 50 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.550-C Mar'23 550 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.550-P Mar'23 550 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.5500-C Mar'23 5500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.5500-P Mar'23 5500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.5500C Mar'23 5500 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.5500P Mar'23 5500 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.550C Mar'23 550 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.550P Mar'23 550 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.600-C Mar'23 600 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.600-P Mar'23 600 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.600C Mar'23 600 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.600P Mar'23 600 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.650-C Mar'23 650 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.650-P Mar'23 650 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.650C Mar'23 650 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.650P Mar'23 650 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.700-C Mar'23 700 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.700-P Mar'23 700 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.700C Mar'23 700 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.700P Mar'23 700 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.750-C Mar'23 750 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.750-P Mar'23 750 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.750C Mar'23 750 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.750P Mar'23 750 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.800-C Mar'23 800 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.800-P Mar'23 800 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.800C Mar'23 800 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.800P Mar'23 800 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.850-C Mar'23 850 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.850-P Mar'23 850 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.850C Mar'23 850 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.850P Mar'23 850 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.900-C Mar'23 900 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.900-P Mar'23 900 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.900C Mar'23 900 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.900P Mar'23 900 P
NYMX p 9C.H23.950-C Mar'23 950 -C
NYMX p 9C.H23.950-P Mar'23 950 -P
NYMX p 9C.H23.950C Mar'23 950 C
NYMX p 9C.H23.950P Mar'23 950 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.0C Mar'24 0 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.0P Mar'24 0 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.100-C Mar'24 100 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.100-P Mar'24 100 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.1000-C Mar'24 1000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.1000-P Mar'24 1000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.1000C Mar'24 1000 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.1000P Mar'24 1000 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.100C Mar'24 100 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.100P Mar'24 100 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.1050C Mar'24 1050 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.1050P Mar'24 1050 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.1100C Mar'24 1100 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.1100P Mar'24 1100 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.1150C Mar'24 1150 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.1150P Mar'24 1150 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.1250-C Mar'24 1250 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.1250-P Mar'24 1250 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.1250C Mar'24 1250 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.1250P Mar'24 1250 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.150-C Mar'24 150 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.150-P Mar'24 150 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.1500-C Mar'24 1500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.1500-P Mar'24 1500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.1500C Mar'24 1500 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.1500P Mar'24 1500 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.150C Mar'24 150 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.150P Mar'24 150 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.1750-C Mar'24 1750 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.1750-P Mar'24 1750 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.1750C Mar'24 1750 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.1750P Mar'24 1750 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.200-C Mar'24 200 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.200-P Mar'24 200 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.2000-C Mar'24 2000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.2000-P Mar'24 2000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.2000C Mar'24 2000 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.2000P Mar'24 2000 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.200C Mar'24 200 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.200P Mar'24 200 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.2250-C Mar'24 2250 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.2250-P Mar'24 2250 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.2250C Mar'24 2250 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.2250P Mar'24 2250 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.250-C Mar'24 250 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.250-P Mar'24 250 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.2500-C Mar'24 2500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.2500-P Mar'24 2500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.2500C Mar'24 2500 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.2500P Mar'24 2500 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.250C Mar'24 250 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.250P Mar'24 250 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.2750-C Mar'24 2750 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.2750-P Mar'24 2750 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.2750C Mar'24 2750 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.2750P Mar'24 2750 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.300-C Mar'24 300 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.300-P Mar'24 300 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.3000-C Mar'24 3000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.3000-P Mar'24 3000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.3000C Mar'24 3000 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.3000P Mar'24 3000 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.300C Mar'24 300 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.300P Mar'24 300 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.3250-C Mar'24 3250 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.3250-P Mar'24 3250 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.3250C Mar'24 3250 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.3250P Mar'24 3250 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.350-C Mar'24 350 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.350-P Mar'24 350 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.3500-C Mar'24 3500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.3500-P Mar'24 3500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.3500C Mar'24 3500 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.3500P Mar'24 3500 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.350C Mar'24 350 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.350P Mar'24 350 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.400-C Mar'24 400 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.400-P Mar'24 400 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.4000-C Mar'24 4000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.4000-P Mar'24 4000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.4000C Mar'24 4000 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.4000P Mar'24 4000 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.400C Mar'24 400 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.400P Mar'24 400 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.450-C Mar'24 450 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.450-P Mar'24 450 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.4500-C Mar'24 4500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.4500-P Mar'24 4500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.4500C Mar'24 4500 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.4500P Mar'24 4500 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.450C Mar'24 450 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.450P Mar'24 450 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.50-C Mar'24 50 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.50-P Mar'24 50 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.500-C Mar'24 500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.500-P Mar'24 500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.5000-C Mar'24 5000 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.5000-P Mar'24 5000 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.5000C Mar'24 5000 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.5000P Mar'24 5000 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.500C Mar'24 500 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.500P Mar'24 500 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.50C Mar'24 50 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.50P Mar'24 50 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.550-C Mar'24 550 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.550-P Mar'24 550 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.5500-C Mar'24 5500 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.5500-P Mar'24 5500 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.5500C Mar'24 5500 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.5500P Mar'24 5500 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.550C Mar'24 550 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.550P Mar'24 550 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.600-C Mar'24 600 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.600-P Mar'24 600 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.600C Mar'24 600 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.600P Mar'24 600 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.650-C Mar'24 650 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.650-P Mar'24 650 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.650C Mar'24 650 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.650P Mar'24 650 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.700-C Mar'24 700 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.700-P Mar'24 700 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.700C Mar'24 700 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.700P Mar'24 700 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.750-C Mar'24 750 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.750-P Mar'24 750 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.750C Mar'24 750 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.750P Mar'24 750 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.800-C Mar'24 800 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.800-P Mar'24 800 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.800C Mar'24 800 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.800P Mar'24 800 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.850-C Mar'24 850 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.850-P Mar'24 850 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.850C Mar'24 850 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.850P Mar'24 850 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.900-C Mar'24 900 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.900-P Mar'24 900 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.900C Mar'24 900 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.900P Mar'24 900 P
NYMX p 9C.H24.950-C Mar'24 950 -C
NYMX p 9C.H24.950-P Mar'24 950 -P
NYMX p 9C.H24.950C Mar'24 950 C
NYMX p 9C.H24.950P Mar'24 950 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.0C Apr'22 0 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.0P Apr'22 0 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.100-C Apr'22 100 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.100-P Apr'22 100 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1000-C Apr'22 1000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1000-P Apr'22 1000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1000C Apr'22 1000 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1000P Apr'22 1000 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.100C Apr'22 100 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.100P Apr'22 100 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1050-C Apr'22 1050 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1050-P Apr'22 1050 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1050C Apr'22 1050 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1050P Apr'22 1050 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1100-C Apr'22 1100 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1100-P Apr'22 1100 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1100C Apr'22 1100 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1100P Apr'22 1100 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1150-C Apr'22 1150 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1150-P Apr'22 1150 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1150C Apr'22 1150 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1150P Apr'22 1150 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1200-C Apr'22 1200 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1200-P Apr'22 1200 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1200C Apr'22 1200 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1200P Apr'22 1200 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1250-C Apr'22 1250 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1250-P Apr'22 1250 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1250C Apr'22 1250 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1250P Apr'22 1250 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1300-C Apr'22 1300 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1300-P Apr'22 1300 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1300C Apr'22 1300 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1300P Apr'22 1300 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1350-C Apr'22 1350 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1350-P Apr'22 1350 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1350C Apr'22 1350 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1350P Apr'22 1350 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1400-C Apr'22 1400 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1400-P Apr'22 1400 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1400C Apr'22 1400 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1400P Apr'22 1400 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.150-C Apr'22 150 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.150-P Apr'22 150 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1500-C Apr'22 1500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1500-P Apr'22 1500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1500C Apr'22 1500 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1500P Apr'22 1500 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.150C Apr'22 150 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.150P Apr'22 150 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1750-C Apr'22 1750 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1750-P Apr'22 1750 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.1750C Apr'22 1750 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.1750P Apr'22 1750 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.200-C Apr'22 200 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.200-P Apr'22 200 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.2000-C Apr'22 2000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.2000-P Apr'22 2000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.2000C Apr'22 2000 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.2000P Apr'22 2000 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.200C Apr'22 200 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.200P Apr'22 200 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.2250-C Apr'22 2250 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.2250-P Apr'22 2250 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.2250C Apr'22 2250 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.2250P Apr'22 2250 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.250-C Apr'22 250 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.250-P Apr'22 250 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.2500-C Apr'22 2500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.2500-P Apr'22 2500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.2500C Apr'22 2500 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.2500P Apr'22 2500 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.250C Apr'22 250 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.250P Apr'22 250 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.2750-C Apr'22 2750 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.2750-P Apr'22 2750 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.2750C Apr'22 2750 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.2750P Apr'22 2750 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.300-C Apr'22 300 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.300-P Apr'22 300 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.3000-C Apr'22 3000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.3000-P Apr'22 3000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.3000C Apr'22 3000 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.3000P Apr'22 3000 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.300C Apr'22 300 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.300P Apr'22 300 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.3250-C Apr'22 3250 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.3250-P Apr'22 3250 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.3250C Apr'22 3250 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.3250P Apr'22 3250 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.350-C Apr'22 350 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.350-P Apr'22 350 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.3500-C Apr'22 3500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.3500-P Apr'22 3500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.3500C Apr'22 3500 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.3500P Apr'22 3500 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.350C Apr'22 350 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.350P Apr'22 350 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.3750-C Apr'22 3750 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.3750-P Apr'22 3750 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.3750C Apr'22 3750 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.3750P Apr'22 3750 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.400-C Apr'22 400 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.400-P Apr'22 400 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.4000-C Apr'22 4000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.4000-P Apr'22 4000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.4000C Apr'22 4000 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.4000P Apr'22 4000 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.400C Apr'22 400 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.400P Apr'22 400 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.450-C Apr'22 450 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.450-P Apr'22 450 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.4500-C Apr'22 4500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.4500-P Apr'22 4500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.4500C Apr'22 4500 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.4500P Apr'22 4500 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.450C Apr'22 450 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.450P Apr'22 450 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.50-C Apr'22 50 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.50-P Apr'22 50 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.500-C Apr'22 500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.500-P Apr'22 500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.5000-C Apr'22 5000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.5000-P Apr'22 5000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.5000C Apr'22 5000 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.5000P Apr'22 5000 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.500C Apr'22 500 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.500P Apr'22 500 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.50C Apr'22 50 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.50P Apr'22 50 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.550-C Apr'22 550 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.550-P Apr'22 550 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.5500-C Apr'22 5500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.5500-P Apr'22 5500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.5500C Apr'22 5500 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.5500P Apr'22 5500 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.550C Apr'22 550 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.550P Apr'22 550 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.600-C Apr'22 600 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.600-P Apr'22 600 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.600C Apr'22 600 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.600P Apr'22 600 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.650-C Apr'22 650 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.650-P Apr'22 650 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.650C Apr'22 650 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.650P Apr'22 650 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.700-C Apr'22 700 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.700-P Apr'22 700 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.700C Apr'22 700 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.700P Apr'22 700 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.750-C Apr'22 750 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.750-P Apr'22 750 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.750C Apr'22 750 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.750P Apr'22 750 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.800-C Apr'22 800 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.800-P Apr'22 800 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.800C Apr'22 800 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.800P Apr'22 800 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.850-C Apr'22 850 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.850-P Apr'22 850 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.850C Apr'22 850 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.850P Apr'22 850 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.900-C Apr'22 900 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.900-P Apr'22 900 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.900C Apr'22 900 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.900P Apr'22 900 P
NYMX p 9C.J22.950-C Apr'22 950 -C
NYMX p 9C.J22.950-P Apr'22 950 -P
NYMX p 9C.J22.950C Apr'22 950 C
NYMX p 9C.J22.950P Apr'22 950 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.0C Apr'23 0 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.0P Apr'23 0 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.100-C Apr'23 100 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.100-P Apr'23 100 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1000-C Apr'23 1000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1000-P Apr'23 1000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1000C Apr'23 1000 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1000P Apr'23 1000 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.100C Apr'23 100 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.100P Apr'23 100 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1050-C Apr'23 1050 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1050-P Apr'23 1050 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1050C Apr'23 1050 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1050P Apr'23 1050 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1100-C Apr'23 1100 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1100-P Apr'23 1100 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1100C Apr'23 1100 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1100P Apr'23 1100 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1150-C Apr'23 1150 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1150-P Apr'23 1150 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1150C Apr'23 1150 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1150P Apr'23 1150 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1200-C Apr'23 1200 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1200-P Apr'23 1200 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1200C Apr'23 1200 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1200P Apr'23 1200 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1250-C Apr'23 1250 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1250-P Apr'23 1250 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1250C Apr'23 1250 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1250P Apr'23 1250 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1300-C Apr'23 1300 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1300-P Apr'23 1300 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1350-C Apr'23 1350 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1350-P Apr'23 1350 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.150-C Apr'23 150 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.150-P Apr'23 150 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1500-C Apr'23 1500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1500-P Apr'23 1500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1500C Apr'23 1500 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1500P Apr'23 1500 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.150C Apr'23 150 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.150P Apr'23 150 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1750-C Apr'23 1750 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1750-P Apr'23 1750 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.1750C Apr'23 1750 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.1750P Apr'23 1750 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.200-C Apr'23 200 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.200-P Apr'23 200 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.2000-C Apr'23 2000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.2000-P Apr'23 2000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.2000C Apr'23 2000 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.2000P Apr'23 2000 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.200C Apr'23 200 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.200P Apr'23 200 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.2250-C Apr'23 2250 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.2250-P Apr'23 2250 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.2250C Apr'23 2250 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.2250P Apr'23 2250 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.250-C Apr'23 250 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.250-P Apr'23 250 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.2500-C Apr'23 2500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.2500-P Apr'23 2500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.2500C Apr'23 2500 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.2500P Apr'23 2500 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.250C Apr'23 250 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.250P Apr'23 250 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.2750-C Apr'23 2750 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.2750-P Apr'23 2750 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.2750C Apr'23 2750 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.2750P Apr'23 2750 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.300-C Apr'23 300 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.300-P Apr'23 300 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.3000-C Apr'23 3000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.3000-P Apr'23 3000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.3000C Apr'23 3000 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.3000P Apr'23 3000 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.300C Apr'23 300 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.300P Apr'23 300 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.3250-C Apr'23 3250 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.3250-P Apr'23 3250 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.3250C Apr'23 3250 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.3250P Apr'23 3250 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.350-C Apr'23 350 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.350-P Apr'23 350 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.3500-C Apr'23 3500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.3500-P Apr'23 3500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.3500C Apr'23 3500 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.3500P Apr'23 3500 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.350C Apr'23 350 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.350P Apr'23 350 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.3750-C Apr'23 3750 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.3750-P Apr'23 3750 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.400-C Apr'23 400 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.400-P Apr'23 400 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.4000-C Apr'23 4000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.4000-P Apr'23 4000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.4000C Apr'23 4000 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.4000P Apr'23 4000 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.400C Apr'23 400 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.400P Apr'23 400 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.450-C Apr'23 450 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.450-P Apr'23 450 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.4500-C Apr'23 4500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.4500-P Apr'23 4500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.4500C Apr'23 4500 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.4500P Apr'23 4500 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.450C Apr'23 450 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.450P Apr'23 450 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.50-C Apr'23 50 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.50-P Apr'23 50 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.500-C Apr'23 500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.500-P Apr'23 500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.5000-C Apr'23 5000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.5000-P Apr'23 5000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.5000C Apr'23 5000 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.5000P Apr'23 5000 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.500C Apr'23 500 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.500P Apr'23 500 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.50C Apr'23 50 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.50P Apr'23 50 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.550-C Apr'23 550 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.550-P Apr'23 550 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.5500-C Apr'23 5500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.5500-P Apr'23 5500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.5500C Apr'23 5500 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.5500P Apr'23 5500 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.550C Apr'23 550 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.550P Apr'23 550 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.600-C Apr'23 600 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.600-P Apr'23 600 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.600C Apr'23 600 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.600P Apr'23 600 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.650-C Apr'23 650 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.650-P Apr'23 650 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.650C Apr'23 650 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.650P Apr'23 650 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.700-C Apr'23 700 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.700-P Apr'23 700 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.700C Apr'23 700 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.700P Apr'23 700 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.750-C Apr'23 750 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.750-P Apr'23 750 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.750C Apr'23 750 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.750P Apr'23 750 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.800-C Apr'23 800 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.800-P Apr'23 800 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.800C Apr'23 800 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.800P Apr'23 800 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.850-C Apr'23 850 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.850-P Apr'23 850 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.850C Apr'23 850 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.850P Apr'23 850 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.900-C Apr'23 900 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.900-P Apr'23 900 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.900C Apr'23 900 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.900P Apr'23 900 P
NYMX p 9C.J23.950-C Apr'23 950 -C
NYMX p 9C.J23.950-P Apr'23 950 -P
NYMX p 9C.J23.950C Apr'23 950 C
NYMX p 9C.J23.950P Apr'23 950 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.0C Apr'24 0 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.0P Apr'24 0 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.100-C Apr'24 100 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.100-P Apr'24 100 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.1000-C Apr'24 1000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.1000-P Apr'24 1000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.1000C Apr'24 1000 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.1000P Apr'24 1000 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.100C Apr'24 100 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.100P Apr'24 100 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.1050C Apr'24 1050 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.1050P Apr'24 1050 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.1100C Apr'24 1100 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.1100P Apr'24 1100 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.1150C Apr'24 1150 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.1150P Apr'24 1150 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.1250-C Apr'24 1250 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.1250-P Apr'24 1250 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.1250C Apr'24 1250 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.1250P Apr'24 1250 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.150-C Apr'24 150 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.150-P Apr'24 150 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.1500-C Apr'24 1500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.1500-P Apr'24 1500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.1500C Apr'24 1500 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.1500P Apr'24 1500 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.150C Apr'24 150 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.150P Apr'24 150 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.1750-C Apr'24 1750 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.1750-P Apr'24 1750 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.1750C Apr'24 1750 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.1750P Apr'24 1750 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.200-C Apr'24 200 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.200-P Apr'24 200 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.2000-C Apr'24 2000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.2000-P Apr'24 2000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.2000C Apr'24 2000 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.2000P Apr'24 2000 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.200C Apr'24 200 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.200P Apr'24 200 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.2250-C Apr'24 2250 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.2250-P Apr'24 2250 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.2250C Apr'24 2250 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.2250P Apr'24 2250 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.250-C Apr'24 250 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.250-P Apr'24 250 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.2500-C Apr'24 2500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.2500-P Apr'24 2500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.2500C Apr'24 2500 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.2500P Apr'24 2500 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.250C Apr'24 250 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.250P Apr'24 250 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.2750-C Apr'24 2750 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.2750-P Apr'24 2750 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.2750C Apr'24 2750 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.2750P Apr'24 2750 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.300-C Apr'24 300 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.300-P Apr'24 300 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.3000-C Apr'24 3000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.3000-P Apr'24 3000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.3000C Apr'24 3000 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.3000P Apr'24 3000 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.300C Apr'24 300 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.300P Apr'24 300 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.3250-C Apr'24 3250 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.3250-P Apr'24 3250 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.3250C Apr'24 3250 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.3250P Apr'24 3250 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.350-C Apr'24 350 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.350-P Apr'24 350 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.3500-C Apr'24 3500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.3500-P Apr'24 3500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.3500C Apr'24 3500 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.3500P Apr'24 3500 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.350C Apr'24 350 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.350P Apr'24 350 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.400-C Apr'24 400 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.400-P Apr'24 400 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.4000-C Apr'24 4000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.4000-P Apr'24 4000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.4000C Apr'24 4000 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.4000P Apr'24 4000 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.400C Apr'24 400 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.400P Apr'24 400 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.450-C Apr'24 450 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.450-P Apr'24 450 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.4500-C Apr'24 4500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.4500-P Apr'24 4500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.4500C Apr'24 4500 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.4500P Apr'24 4500 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.450C Apr'24 450 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.450P Apr'24 450 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.50-C Apr'24 50 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.50-P Apr'24 50 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.500-C Apr'24 500 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.500-P Apr'24 500 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.5000-C Apr'24 5000 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.5000-P Apr'24 5000 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.5000C Apr'24 5000 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.5000P Apr'24 5000 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.500C Apr'24 500 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.500P Apr'24 500 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.50C Apr'24 50 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.50P Apr'24 50 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.550-C Apr'24 550 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.550-P Apr'24 550 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.5500C Apr'24 5500 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.5500P Apr'24 5500 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.550C Apr'24 550 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.550P Apr'24 550 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.600-C Apr'24 600 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.600-P Apr'24 600 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.600C Apr'24 600 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.600P Apr'24 600 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.650-C Apr'24 650 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.650-P Apr'24 650 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.650C Apr'24 650 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.650P Apr'24 650 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.700-C Apr'24 700 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.700-P Apr'24 700 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.700C Apr'24 700 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.700P Apr'24 700 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.750-C Apr'24 750 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.750-P Apr'24 750 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.750C Apr'24 750 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.750P Apr'24 750 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.800-C Apr'24 800 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.800-P Apr'24 800 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.800C Apr'24 800 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.800P Apr'24 800 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.850-C Apr'24 850 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.850-P Apr'24 850 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.850C Apr'24 850 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.850P Apr'24 850 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.900-C Apr'24 900 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.900-P Apr'24 900 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.900C Apr'24 900 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.900P Apr'24 900 P
NYMX p 9C.J24.950-C Apr'24 950 -C
NYMX p 9C.J24.950-P Apr'24 950 -P
NYMX p 9C.J24.950C Apr'24 950 C
NYMX p 9C.J24.950P Apr'24 950 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.0C May'22 0 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.0P May'22 0 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.100-C May'22 100 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.100-P May'22 100 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1000-C May'22 1000 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1000-P May'22 1000 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1000C May'22 1000 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1000P May'22 1000 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.100C May'22 100 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.100P May'22 100 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1050-C May'22 1050 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1050-P May'22 1050 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1050C May'22 1050 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1050P May'22 1050 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1100-C May'22 1100 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1100-P May'22 1100 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1100C May'22 1100 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1100P May'22 1100 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1150-C May'22 1150 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1150-P May'22 1150 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1150C May'22 1150 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1150P May'22 1150 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1200-C May'22 1200 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1200-P May'22 1200 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1200C May'22 1200 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1200P May'22 1200 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1250-C May'22 1250 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1250-P May'22 1250 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1250C May'22 1250 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1250P May'22 1250 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1300-C May'22 1300 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1300-P May'22 1300 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1300C May'22 1300 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1300P May'22 1300 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1350-C May'22 1350 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1350-P May'22 1350 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1350C May'22 1350 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1350P May'22 1350 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1400-C May'22 1400 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1400-P May'22 1400 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1400C May'22 1400 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1400P May'22 1400 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.150-C May'22 150 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.150-P May'22 150 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1500-C May'22 1500 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1500-P May'22 1500 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1500C May'22 1500 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1500P May'22 1500 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.150C May'22 150 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.150P May'22 150 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1750-C May'22 1750 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1750-P May'22 1750 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.1750C May'22 1750 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.1750P May'22 1750 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.200-C May'22 200 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.200-P May'22 200 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.2000-C May'22 2000 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.2000-P May'22 2000 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.2000C May'22 2000 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.2000P May'22 2000 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.200C May'22 200 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.200P May'22 200 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.2250-C May'22 2250 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.2250-P May'22 2250 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.2250C May'22 2250 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.2250P May'22 2250 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.250-C May'22 250 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.250-P May'22 250 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.2500-C May'22 2500 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.2500-P May'22 2500 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.2500C May'22 2500 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.2500P May'22 2500 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.250C May'22 250 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.250P May'22 250 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.2750-C May'22 2750 -C
NYMX p 9C.K22.2750-P May'22 2750 -P
NYMX p 9C.K22.2750C May'22 2750 C
NYMX p 9C.K22.2750P May'22 2750 P
NYMX p 9C.K22.300-C May'22 300 -C