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Note that as of Q1 2016 JTools has replaced Advanced State File samples.

Within the JTools library there is an application called the 'JTools State File Generator'. If you have not yet seen this application please take a minute to read up about it here. Additionally there is an application called the 'JTools State File Time and Sales' reader, which demonstrates the use of the State File Generator, details of which can be found here. It is worth restating in this section that the State File Generator is a tool I use everyday. In fact, it is the first thing I fire up in the morning:

While the State File Time and Sales Reader is a great application to demonstrate using state files, I want to point out that every application presented in the JTools Library (unless otherwise stated) is capable of starting from a state file, allowing you to quickly get to any point in time on the tape in the blink of an eye.

To do this, you must have the State File Generator running in the background. After the state file writer is caught up into the tape and running, launch any of the applications. I'll use the HFT Quote Montage application to demonstate. Once the application is launched press the settings button:

This will bring up the settings dialog common to all the JTool apps. From here be sure to click "historical", even if running from state files created in real time. Then click the button to browse for state files:

And choose the statefile which is dated/timestamped at the location you would like to start from:

Verify everything is correct and exit the dialog:

Now you can begin running the application from that point in time forward. If the Statefile was generated close to the current time the application will reach the real time buffers very quickly: