API Documentation

Category Description

Company name, SIC Code, Currency, and CUSIP

Category Identification

pNxCoreMessage->coreData.Category.pnxStringCategory->Atom 4
pNxCoreMessage->coreData.Category.pnxStringCategory->String EquitySymbolInfo

Update Time and Frequency

Approximate Time Info
00:00 AM Information from previous session
05:15 AM Current session information
No Updates No updates throughout the day

Category Fields | 6

Index FieldName FieldType C Code Info
0 Name NxCFT_STRINGZ pnxFields[0].data.StringZ Name of the equity
1 CUSIP NxCFT_STRINGZ pnxFields[1].data.StringZ A CUSIP is a unique identifier assigned to an equity at the time it is issued.
NOTE: as of September 14, 2014, all CUSIP values (Category 4, field 1) were set to 000000000.
2 SICCode NxCFT_32BIT pnxFields[2].data.i32Bit The 4-digit SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code of the equity
3 CurrencyCode NxCFT_STRINGZ pnxFields[3].data.StringZ The currency the equity trades under, default is USD
4 NAICSCode NxCFT_STRINGZ pnxFields[4].data.StringZ The 6-digit NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code of the equity
5 ClassificationsMap NxCFT_STRING_MAP pnxFields[5].data.stringTableItem Flags such as HasOptions, Split, Dividend, ADR, etc, from table table_NxST_EQUITYCLASSIFICATIONS.html
6 Tier NxCFT_32BIT pnxFields[6].data.i32Bit Flags for Pink sheet tier information from table table_NxST_PINKSHEETTIERS.html

Code Sample from CategoryDumper project:

void onNxCoreCategory_4(const NxCoreMessage *pNxCoreMsg)
     NxCategoryField *pField;
     // Print the category num and the Symbol
     if (pField->Set)
        printf("Equity Name: %s \n",pField->data.StringZ);
     if (pField->Set)
        printf("CUSIP: %s \n",pField->data.StringZ);
     if (pField->Set)			 
         printf("SIC Code: %d \n",pField->data.i32Bit);
     if (pField->Set)
        printf("Currency Code: %s \n",pField->data.StringZ);
     if (pField->Set)
        printf("NAICSCode: %s \n",pField->data.StringZ);
     if (pField->Set)			 
         printf("Classification Map:  Table - %d \n",
         // See table_NxST_EQUITYCLASSIFICATIONS.html  			 
         if (pField->data.stringTableItem.idString & 0x0000001)
             printf("ETF \n");
         if (pField->data.stringTableItem.idString & 0x0000002)
             printf("NQGlobalSelect \n");
         if (pField->data.stringTableItem.idString & 0x0000010)
             printf("HasOptions \n");
         if (pField->data.stringTableItem.idString & 0x0000020)
             printf("HasSSFutures \n");
         if (pField->data.stringTableItem.idString & 0x0000100)
             printf("Dividend \n");
         if (pField->data.stringTableItem.idString & 0x0000200)
             printf("Split \n");
         if (pField->data.stringTableItem.idString & 0x0000400)
             printf("SymHist \n");
         if (pField->data.stringTableItem.idString & 0x0000800)
             printf("NewSymbol \n");
         if (pField->data.stringTableItem.idString & 0x0001000)
             printf("CloseEndFund \n");
         if (pField->data.stringTableItem.idString & 0x0002000)
             printf("ADR \n");