API Documentation


Returns the full path filename of the NxCore Tape being processed.

    #define cszNxCoreGetTapeName "sNxCoreGetTapeName"
    typedef int (__stdcall *NxCoreGetTapeName) (char* szBuffTapename, int nBufferBytes);

    int GetTapeName(
        char*                           szBuffTapename,
        int                             nBufferBytes

Value of szBuffTapename in different conditions

When processing szBuffTapename Comments
Real time "" full tape name is at (char*) &szBuffTapename[1]
Historical tape "C:\NxCoreData\20YYMMDD.XX.nxc" full tape name is provided
State tape "C:\NxCoreData\20YYMMDD.XX.nxc" full tape name is provided, you need to save off the state name in a global variable or in UserData


    char buf[MAX_PATH];

    nxCoreClass.GetTapeName(buf, sizeof(buf));

    if (*buf == '\0')
        printf("Processing real-time tape: %s\n", buf + 1);
        printf("Processing historical or state tape: %s\n", buf);