API Documentation


Lists all available NxCoreAPI.dll files on this computer

    #define cszNxCoreListAPIDLLs "sNxCoreListAPIDLLs"
    typedef int (__stdcall *NxCoreListAPIDLLs) (unsigned int controlFlags, NxCoreCallbackAPIList stdcallback, void* pUserParam);

    int ListAPIDLLs(
        unsigned int                    controlFlags,
        NxCoreCallbackAPIList           stdcallbacklist,
        void*                           pYourParam


Here's an example of finding and printing all NxCoreAPI.dll files on this machine

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>

#include <NxCoreAPI.h>
#include <NxCoreAPI_class.h>

NxCoreClass nxCoreClass;

struct MyDLLList
    static const int numDLLs = 512;
    NxCoreAPIDLLFile dllFiles[numDLLs];
    unsigned int     count;

int __stdcall listDLL(void* pUserParam, const NxCoreAPIDLLFile* pNxDF)
    MyDLLList* dllList = (MyDLLList*) pUserParam;

    if (dllList->count < dllList->numDLLs)
        memcpy(&dllList->dllFiles[dllList->count++], pNxDF, sizeof(*pNxDF));

    return  0;

void dumpDLLs()
    MyDLLList dllList;
    dllList.count = 0;

    nxCoreClass.ListAPIDLLs(0, listDLL, &dllList);

    for (unsigned int i = 0; i < dllList.count; i++)
        printf("%s\n", dllList.dllFiles[i].PathnameStrZ);