API Documentation


Returns the current Memory State of a Symbol's Exchange Quotes.

Can only be called from inside your NxCoreCallback function.

Function will return an error if you exclude quotes from process tape, or if the tapeset has no quote data.

    #define cszNxCoreStateGetExgQuotes "sNxCoreStateGetExgQuotes"
    typedef int (__stdcall *NxCoreStateGetExgQuotes)(NxCoreStateExgQuotes* pStateExgQuotes, NxString* pnxsSymOrCtc/*=0*/);

    int StateGetExgQuotes(
        NxCoreStateExgQuotes*           pStateExgQuotes,
        NxString*                       pnxsSymOrDateStrike=0



Pointer to a NxCoreStateExgQuotes structure to be filled with the current Exchange Quotes.


Pass the value zero to choose the current symbol for the callback message.
Pointer to an NxString obtained in a previous callback in the same instance from one of the following data members

Return Value

Returns 0 if successful, non-zero if failed


The value of the fields in pStateExgQuotes is undefined if the function fails.


For example of this function see here