API Documentation

These pictures are from NxCore servers receiving real-time market data from all the exchanges.

They demonstrate the choppiness of real-time market data coming from the exchanges.

The green is the bandwidth, in MBPS -- you can see the scale on the right side of each chart.

Your own NxCore graph should be very spiky also -- spikiness in market data is good, it shows that you are receiving truly real-time data. The graphs below contain all the data being processed by NxCore servers -- 90% of that data is option quotes. Your own charts may be different depending on the data you are receiving.

Take a look at each of the below charts, starting with 9:30

09:30AM. Notice the flood of traffic spiking to 30mbps, and then periodic spikes to 34mbps.

10:30AM. Notice the periodic thick bands of peaks, varying from 30mbps down to 5mbps, and then spiking back to 30mbps

11:30AM. Notice the bands are widening out.

12:30PM. Lunch time

13:30PM. Lunch time concluding, activity is picking up.