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NxCore Quote Conditions
NxID Name

Comment NYSE

0 Regular x
Regular Quote. R R
1 BidAskAutoExec x
Bid and Ask elgible for Auto-Execution (note: not all exchanges comply).

2 Rotation

Quote at the open of options trading indicating opening valuation.

3 SpecialistAsk x
Ask is from specialist (floor broker).

4 SpecialistBid x
Bid is from specialist (floor broker).

5 Locked x
Bid price from one market equals ask price from another market.

6 FastMarket

Indicates very active trading and may not reflect current prices (late). F F
7 SpecialistBidAsk x
Bid and Ask are from specialist (floor broker).

8 OneSide x
Only one side of quote is valid.

9 OpeningQuote

Official opening quote of trading session. O O
10 ClosingQuote

Official closing quote of trading session. C C
11 MarketMakerClosed

Market Maker is closed.
12 DepthOnAsk x
There is more size than shown in the ask size field. A A
13 DepthOnBid x
There is more size than shown in the bid size field. B B
14 DepthOnBidAsk x
There is more size than shown in the bid and ask size fields. H H
15 Tier3 x
Used in Canadian markets to indicate a Tier 3 quote.

16 Crossed x
Bid price from one market is higher than ask price on another market.

17 Halted
x General halt condition.

18 OperationalHalt
x Equipment problems. X X
19 NewsOut
x News released. D D
20 NewsPending
x News anticipated. P P
21 NonFirm

General non-firm quote. N N
22 DueToRelated
x Related security has been halted S S
23 Resume

Trading now resumed. T T
24 NoMarketMakers
x No market makers making a quote.

25 OrderImbalance
x Offers exceed bids or visa-versa. I I
26 OrderInflux
x Large number of orders pending X
27 Indicated
x Quote indicating opening range. G G
28 PreOpen

Quote indicating opening range before opening bell.

29 InViewOfCommon
x Preferred or class/series halted because of an unusual event occurring in common stock. V V
30 RelatedNewsPending
x News pending release in a related security. K K
31 RelatedNewsOut
x News released in a related security. J J
32 AdditionalInfo
x Pending receipt of additional information requested by exchange M M
33 RelatedAddlInfo
x Related security halted from AdditionalInfo condition. Q Q
34 NoOpenResume
x Halted and not expected to resume trading. Z Z
35 Deleted
x Deleted from exchange listing.

36 RegulatoryHalt
x Halted due to requlations.

37 SECSuspension
x Trading suspended by SEC.

38 NonComliance
x Non-compliance with SEC regulations.

39 FilingsNotCurrent
x Not current in required filings ('E' symbols)

40 CATS_Halted
x CATS system halted (Toronto)


CATS quoted stock (Toronto)

42 ExDivOrSplit x
Quote represents price ex-dividend or ex-split.

43 Unassigned

Condition not assigned.

44 InsideOpen

Inside Open

45 InsideClosed

Inside Closed

46 OfferWanted

Request for Offer

47 BidWanted

Request for Bid

48 Cash x
Quote represents cash price.

49 Inactive x
Inactive security.

50 NationalBBO x
A placeholder for quote condition regular in NxCore's Option BBO-Only feed

51 Nominal x
Nominal pricing -- used when no trades have occurred to provide a price for settlment purposes.

52 Cabinet x
The lowest possible tradable price as determined by the Clearing System. A price equal to zero.

53 NominalCabinet x
Combination of nominal and cabinet conditions.

54 BlankPrice x
Blank or zero the bid and/or ask.

55 SlowBidAsk

Bid and Offer are quoted outside the LRP or no trade at a LRP. U
56 SlowList x
The security has been set slow and will only trade in a slow market mode. NoLRP generated. W
57 SlowBid

Bid is quoted outside the LRP or no trade at a LRP. E
58 SlowAsk

Offer is quoted outside the LRP or no trade at a LRP. F
59 BidOfferWanted

60 Subpenny

61 NonBBO

62 SpecialOpen

63 Benchmark

64 Implied

65 ExchangeBest

66 MktWideHalt1

67 MktWideHalt2

68 MktWideHalt3

69 OnDemandAuction

4 4
70 NonFirmBid

71 NonFirmAsk

72 RetailBid

73 RetailAsk

74 RetailQte

NxID Name

Comment NYSE

NxCore Quote Conditions

LRP Liquidity Replenishment Points. Pre-determined prices at which trading temporarily converts from electronic to an auction market. Set to trigger by rapid price change.