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NYSE, AMEX, Toronto, and the Canadian Venture exchange use special suffixes for equity and bond symbols to differentiate between classes or types of symbols. The majority of suffixes are used to denote a separate class or series of stock and/or preferred stock. NxCore appends a '.' (period) or '/' (forward slash), followed by one or more suffix characters. A period is used for suffixes when the root symbol is likely to be present and not using the suffix would result in a symbol collision. For example:

    • preferred (often combined with class/series -- preferred prefix always comes before)
    • warrant (sometimes combined with class/series -- warrant prefix always comes before)
    • rights
    • units
    • convertible
    • class or series (class and series mean basically the same thing -- though one stock won't use both)

A forward slash is used for suffixes that are temporary in nature and/or describe a special attribute of the instrument. Examples include:

    • "When Issued"/"When Distributed" - When stock is finally issued/distributed, the suffix simply disappears.
    • "Called" - Usually once a symbol is called, it remains so until it no longer trades and becomes delisted.
    • "Ex" - "Dividend"/"Distribution"/"Interest" etc. Though rarely used today, the suffix was temporary in nature.
Example Description SIAC
Canada Comstock Aspen Dow
Hyperfeed Bridge eSignal trackData
.PR eAHC.PR Preferred Stock pr
(-) minus vpa p p _pr /P (.) period
.A eNWS.A Equity Class or Series 'A' to 'Z' .A /A .A .A
/A /A

.WS eCQB.WS Warrants .WS .WS .WT (+) plus vs /WS /WS _ws /W (‘) apostrophe
.WWS rare With Warrants W/WS

Rights r r .RT .R vt

_rt /R ‘R
/WI eMCO/WI When Issued w w
(*) asterisk vi w w _wi /I ‘I
/WD eERH/WD When Distributed .WD .WD
‘D _u /WD /WD

/CL eTED.PR.K/CL Called .CL /CL

.U NYSE:eGRP.U Units - more than one security u u .UN


.U ‘U
.ID iNYP.ID Index .ID .ID

.IV iGLD.IV Intraday Net Asset Value/Share .IV .IV

.NV iHKG.NV Net Asset Value/Share previous close .NV .NV

.MN iNYA.MN Mini .MN .MN

.SM iNYA.SM Mini Settlement .SM .SM

.PO iNYA.PO Percent Open .PO .PO

.SO iTBK.SO Shares Outstanding (x1000) .SO .SO

.SV iNYA.SV Settlement Value .SV .SV

.TC iNJT.TC Total cash per creation unit (thousands) .TC .TC

.DP iGLD.DP Dividend portion to go ex-distribution .DP .DP

.DV iEXV.DV Accumulative dividend .DV .DV

.EU iTBK.EU Estimated Creation Unit Cash Amount .EU .EU

.F.N rare Foreign News .F.N .F.N

.SD bNPRY.47.REG.SD Stamped .SD .SD

.SP rare Special .SP .SP


.VR rare Variable Common Rights .VR .VR

.SV TSE:eFSH.SV Subordinate Voting


.RV TSE:eACE.RV Restricted Voting


.LV TSE:eIIC.LV Limited Voting


.MV TSE:eEXE.MV Multiple Voting


.NV TSE:eFON.NV.B Non-Voting


.NT TSE:eRY.NT.S Non-convertible Note


.USD TSE:eRY.NT.USD Canadian Listed trading in U.S. Dollars


.CV bCOX.DC20.CV/CL Convertible .CV .CV

/CT rare Certificate .CT .CT

/CVR rare Contingent Value Rights /CVR /CVR

/EC eHAF/EC Emerging Company /EC /EC

/PP rare Part Paid /PP /PP

/PTCL rare Part Called /PT.CL /PT.CL

/SC rare Small Corporate Offering Registration /SC /SC


/TT rare Tier II Symbol /TT /TT

/XD rare Ex-Dividend /XD /XD


/XS rare Ex-Distribution /XDIS /XDIS

/XI bFN.06/XI Ex-Interest /XI /XI

/XW rare Ex-Warrants /XW /XW

/XR rare Ex-Rights /XR /XR

/REG bNPRY.47/REG Regular /REG

Common Suffix Combinations

A few suffixes are combined, such as Preferred and Class or Series. Although it is possible that more than two suffixes could combine, in practice it is rare, as when a Preferred Class/Series stock is "called" (ABC.PR.A/CL) or issued (ABC.PR.A/WI). Preferred always comes before Class/Series, and suffixes with periods (.) always come before suffixes with forward slashes (/). Note that historic symbol character length is 8, so symbols that exceed this limit may be truncated.

NxCore Suffix Example Description CTS Canada Comstock Aspen Dow
Hyperfeed Bridge eSignal trackData
.PR.B eCHK.PR.B Preferred Class or Series prB
pB pB
.WS.B eGG.WS.C Warrant Series .WS.B .WT.B

.RT/WI eEMT.RT/WI Rights when issued r.w

Units when issued

.CV/CL bLTR.07.CV/CL Convertible Called .CV.CL

Contingent Value Rights when Issued /CVR.w